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Watchkeeper – Holding Hands to Make Love (covers) – 2015

Watchkeeper – Covers (2014)

Watchkeeper – Vacancy (2013)



  1. Theatre of Me (Ft. Umar)
  2. Girth
  3. Moonlight Girls
  4. Visible Friends (Ft. Umar)
  5. The Longing
  6. Coincidentally, Fuck You
  7. Fallen Gods of the Norse Variety
  8. Ten
  9. June
  10. Not A Song About Yy
  11. Babies
  12. Ears to Ground



In reverse chronological order

  1. Dream Cave, Cloud Control
  2. Unfucktheworld, Angel Olsen
  3. Riptide, Vance Joy
  4. Archie, Marry Me, Alvvays
  5. Shake It Off, Taylor Swift
  6. Strong Hand, Chvrches
  7. Blank Space, Taylor Swift
  8. Futile Devices, Sufjan Stevens
  9. Recover, Chvrches
  10. Two Headed Boy Pt. 1, Neutral Milk Hotel
  11. Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood
  12. The Misery, Sonata Arctica. Not a full cover, just noodled a guitar track throughout
  13. Two Lovers, The Rural Alberta Advantage
  14. Oh Comely, Neutral Milk Hotel
  15. Wake, The Antlers
  16. Suicide or Alcohol, Cranford Nix
  17. Call Me Maybe, a cover of the Ben Howard cover of the song that Carly Rae Jepsen sang. Now in acoustic
  18. Parallel Universe, RHCP. Features Denise on drums, Wendy on guitar, Jian on bass
  19. Call Me Maybe, the first demo cover
  20. Creep, Radiohead

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