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April 29, 2017 by Wayne.

I have used a few pomades before. Here is what I think of them, complete with a pointless rating system thing because people like that shit.

Context / preamble:

All pomades are used in the humid, hot, and sometimes suddenly and tropically wet environment of Malaysia. I’m usually indoors most of the time though. I have hair that goes wavy as all hell once it gets slightly long. It’s close to impossible to get a standalone hair product that can keep it swept up cleanly for the entire day. I have a rapidly receding hairline. 52 Barbers at APW is a very cool place and McBe is probably going to be my permanent barber going forward (at least for the foreseeable short-term future). My full-time job is being one part of Foodgazer.

Rating Categories:

  • Aroma (out of 5) where a scent I like more rates higher
  • Ease of styling (out of 5) where an easier to style/comb pomade gets a higher rating
  • Long-lasting hold (out of 10) where stronger hold gets a higher rating
  • Residue (out of 5) where it’s a subjective ranking for too little/too much. See explanation for each.
  • Sheen (out of 5) where more sheen gets a higher rating

Ranking (as of 29 Apr 2017):

  1. Black Ship by Flagship Pomade Co (28.5/30)
  2. Lockhart’s Goon Grease (26/30)
  3. Gonzo Super Slick (20/30)
  4. Mentega firm hold medium shine (20/30)
  5. Shiner Gold heavy hold (19.5/30)
  6. Suavecito heavy hold (16/30)
  7. Suavecito original (15/30)

Pomade List:


Black Ship by Flagship Pomade Co – rating: 28.5

  • Aroma: 4/5. Spearmint. Bit of woodiness somewhere in there over time. Actually quite nice once it goes into the hair.
  • Ease of styling: 5/5. Very very very strange and waxy at the first few scoops. And this is a water-based pomade? What? But it rubs out well in the hands. And goes perfectly in the hair. Combs well. Then it feels like it dissipates and becomes one with your hair.
  • Long-lasting hold: 11/10. Nothing I’ve tried yet comes close. Strong, lasts the entire day and keeps on going, but somehow still remains malleable and restyleable at the end of it.
  • Residue: 5/5. Perfect amount of residue, in my opinion.
  • Sheen: 3.5/5. Not as much sheen as a Lockhart’s or some other water-based pomades, but hey at least it doesn’t wear off.


Gonzo Super Slick – rating: 20

  • Aroma: 3/5. Sweet and floral.
  • Ease of styling: 4/5. Scoops well enough. Combs well.
  • Long-lasting hold: 8/10. Surprisingly long-lasting hold. Engineered by Malaysians for Malaysian weather?
  • Residue: 2/5. Washes out almost completely, though there’s a teeny bit left the next day.
  • Sheen: 3/5. Not much sheen, but good enough once you finish off with a bit of water on top. And it lasts long!


Lockhart’s Goon Grease – rating: 26

  • Aroma: 3/5. Meh smell. Not offensive but it’s not the greatest. Smells kind of fresh and lemony though so there’s that.
  • Ease of styling: 5/5. Scoops well. Smears well. Combs well. Apa lagi cina mau?
  • Long-lasting hold: 8.5/10. Gets close to perfect when you use a decent amount, ie more than the small blob I like to use.
  • Residue: 5/5. Perfect amount of residue. In between a Shiner Gold and a Mentega. Fairly similar to the Black Ship.
  • Sheen: 4.5/5. Very impressive sheen paired with its long-lasting attributes means you can get an average sheen that’s much shinier than most of the water-based stuff out there!


Mentega pomade firm hold medium shine – rating: 20

  • Aroma: 3/5. Menthol beeswax kind of smell. Not a huge fan but it’s alright. It doesn’t stick out. It’s passive. It’s inoffensive.
  • Ease of styling: 4/5. Not very fun to style with at first. Hard to scoop out. Hard to spread. But once you work it in your hands and through the roots enough, it does get better. Need to apply it in layers, really. You get used to it.
  • Long-lasting hold: 7/10. Lasts long, alright. And you can restyle it fairly easily throughout the day. Doesn’t hold up high pomps etc though. Just stays in the hair.
  • Residue: 3/5. Lots and lots of buildup with this one, which can get a bit annoying after a while. Difficult to wash out.
  • Sheen: 3/5. Basically no sheen la. I do like the matte look sometimes though, so I’m giving it a cheeky 3 instead of a 1.


Shiner Gold Heavy Hold – rating: 19.5

  • Aroma: 5/5. Excellent scent. Coconut tropical sort of aroma going on.
  • Ease of styling: 5/5. Nice, soft and gummy. Spreads easily across the hair and when combed through.
  • Long-lasting hold: 5/10. Holds slightly better than a Suavecito strong hold. Bonus points for not thickening into a crackly shell after drying out like some other water-based pomades.
  • Residue: 1/5. Washes completely off, which isn’t very good.
  • Sheen: 3.5/5. Nice typical water-based sheen but wears off throughout the day


Suavecito Pomade Original Hold – rating: 15

  • Aroma: 4/5. Very pleasant scent. Bit like rum and coke, with a bit of woodiness to it.
  • Ease of styling: 3/5. Alright-ish to style if you do it quick before it hardens.
  • Long-lasting hold: 4/10. Doesn’t hold for long. Turns the hair super hard then eventually sweats/wears off throughout the day.
  • Residue: 1/5. Washes completely off, which isn’t very good.
  • Sheen: 3/5. Nice typical water-based sheen. However that sheen doesn’t last for long.


Suavecito Pomade Strong Hold – rating: 16

  • Aroma: 4/5. Very pleasant scent. Bit like rum and coke, with a bit of woodiness to it.
  • Ease of styling: 3/5.
  • Long-lasting hold: 4.5/10. Holds slightly better than the original, but not by much. Same issues with lifespan through the day.
  • Residue: 1/5. Washes completely off, which isn’t very good.
  • Sheen: 3.5/5. Sheen lasts a touch longer than the original hold.


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