Love in the time of HIV

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July 14, 2016 by Wayne.

rach says i should try harder,
i should send letters,
apply for more,
sow my seed(s)
on soil dried to death
i should just keep trying.

Affection sloughs off like shed skin
linting under fingernails while
outside the wind gleefully whips
frozen smiles from faces glimmering
on the deaf nights we huddle tight

i adore her –
she takes root in silence,
a presence twisting to find cool spots
on friday night couches,
quibbles and grouches.
i watch her through a life that did not turn up,
wondrous and whispering,
sipping from brooks of fallen frost.

Affection puddles quickly
an inside scoop of rainbow metal
chestnut not indian red
cranberry and blush
storm from the brink of forgiving
mouths cold as the frostbit night

i don’t know what to make of her.
we share a malthusian aversion to kids
she lines our bed with linen sheets
oils canvasses of unpainted seahouses,
boulders along the californian coast,
towns slipping through fingerlands.

They say affection is all that lasts in the end

she follows the circling leaves,
she follows the spiders and the variable wind.
she says the blindness passes,
i should just keep trying.

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