pretty girls have no right to be depressed, she’s probably just acting out

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July 11, 2016 by Wayne.

You were words on screens, then snippets of accented questions, then we were waiting at the front for mouse on the keys (i didn’t know then). When we talked, we went in circles around unperforming gender and the defence of the NEETs and that time i tried to choke my ex to death. You said Milosz was wrong. Dutch painting is not enough. None of this is. I laughed but i didn’t understand. We drank on the rooftop off changkat. I couldn’t find you, not in the field of blankets and beer cans. And when we did meet, we were leaving again. You said quietly, actually, i’m okay with having kids. I do want to have kids. I said okay and we sipped on our drinks and stared ahead at his hands as they dropped desiccated fruits into copper mugs of shaken liquor and bitters and sugar syrup and you went to the washroom and when you got back we split the bill and left for our separate homes.

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