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April 30, 2016 by Wayne.

30th of April 2016

What a day. Not going to forget this one anytime soon.

In a month full of deadlines spiraling out of control, this final week proved to be the toughest. And the final two workdays were the most batshit insane I’ve survived through yet.

On Thursday, I had 76 CDD hits to clear – which was close to 11% of what the entire commercial banking department (with what, 40 RMs? 50?) had. Initial deadline of 3pm. I had 3 reviews that had to be submitted and approved before the end of the month – and all 3 were already 4 months overdue. And those were just the major deadlines. There were a bunch of others due by the end of Friday. Not to mention my junkyard of a backlog with an increasing number of cases dangerously close to further escalations.

By the end of Thursday, I’d cleared 12 hits and settled a bunch of urgent cases. 1 of the reviews didn’t have to be done, since the facility was going to be cancelled. So far, all signs were pointing to straight up death on Friday.

So Friday came along.

Another RM picked up 1 of the remaining 2 reviews. There was 1 left. And 64 CDD hits. I grabbed a Dah Makan lunchbox from Urbanscapes cafe and began to churn out an entire paper. Things were looking increasingly dire. Then a bunch of the team came back after lunch and 5 of them started helping out with the hits.

And then I realized there was a mandatory training at 3pm that I had to attend…unless I took the tests that were supposed to come at the end of the training, and get 80% above for both of them. I passed the tests. The road was clear(-ish).

I somehow managed to finish off the review and hurriedly called Risk every couple of minutes until someone picked it up. Then I turned back to the CDD hits and began stamping, signing and scanning everything that was completed by the others. I sent batches of the emails out. By 8pm, I’d sent out 30. By 1am, I’d sent out 60. There were 16 to go. But my point was made. I think.

And in the middle of all that craziness, my paper was approved at 6pm.

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