Odd One Out Vol. 2

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February 21, 2016 by Wayne.

2016-01-16 14.48.23

Frenetic, fractured and ultimately frustrating: Odd One Out Vol. 2 feels so painfully incoherent, both in terms of a (largely non-existent) theme and the fluctuating quality of the pieces.

Case in point: The first 20 or so pages that start the magazine belongĀ to the anectodes section andĀ features meandering, masturbatory journal entries. But the interview of Mahen Bala was good. But the piece written by Mahen Bala was perplexingly awful. But the muted photos are pretty. But there are numerous spelling and grammatical errors sprinkled throughout.

It’s not a terrible magazine by any measure, and the work that went into it is commendable. It’s just…not particularly noteworthy.

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