black king says eating is like starting over

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February 9, 2016 by Wayne.

taken from Go To Subang Buy Weed
first unedited draft

(couldn’t even walk down the sidewalk because of the sheer volume of people setting up tables, cardboard boxes, ironing boards, anything to sell their)

This way, we train the brain
to tremble in time to waves
ending and regrouping
for now, at least
(in winter, we know them as the overblown craggly rocks
unshaved and extended horizontally, hibernating)

We want the whole story to linearize the ascent
the tumbles italicized and laughed off
this way, for now, at least
(here there is breadth, depth, undrooping)

Lens fluid to slake the thirst,
bloating the blue expanse, (and jazz dance, huh?)
complete works left untouched for
for years we fed only on collections
curated by what was thrown aside

In summer, we return to the unending back and forths
against the vertical rocky expanse
sip on degassing sodas and translated french opuses
right? that’s what we do in summer

Without the seasons, it’s hard to tell. The waves don’t slow into unmoving blocks, the mats aren’t thrown over sunbathing green floors, our stories are ever-tumbling, a horizontal expanse

(street warfare for hours. Cops, reporters, and protestors were all being attacked, fires were being set, cars smashed, and protestors attempted to topple)

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