Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

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February 8, 2016 by Wayne.

Outside of the stellar Young Justice, it’s hard to think of a TV series that so succinctly translates the Big Name comics to the animated screen. And even then EMH stands out by sticking faithfully to its origins. It picks bits and pieces from both the comics and the MCU, and stitches them altogether into surprisingly coherent storylines. If you’re looking for a quick intro to the Marvel universe with respect to the Avengers, jump straight into this (it was discontinued before Civil War though, for better or worse).

Oh, and I hear Avengers Assemble doesn’t quite live up to EMH.

Good points:

  • Solid run of episodes once the team starts finding their feet and before all the World-Ender-of-the-Week
  • Plenty of cameos and appearances from characters across the rest of the Marvel world. Having an interconnected world is always great fun
  • There are quite a number of overarching plot lines and recurring villains which tend to be fun more often than they are tedious
  • Decent amount of character development, Wasp aside (though this does take a backseat in the second season)
  • Adapts most of the major storylines from the comics and MCU without being stale

Not so good points:

  • Mediocre art style and animation
  • Somewhat lacking in original ideas especially towards the end of the final season
  • Pretty underwhelming end to both seasons, with season 2 sizzling out in an especially disappointing way



It may not quite be Young Justice caliber, but it’s still very much worth watching.

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