core – week one

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December 21, 2015 by Wayne.

Day 1:
– Watched the season finale for Nathan for you.
– Bought 16 books at the Big Bad Wolf sale.
– Pretty disappointing lunch at Fish & Co.
– Found out that O Banh Mi had just opened 3 days ago in Sri Petaling. Went for the classic with egg. Taste was middling as expected.
– Chilled at Three Little Birds x Inside Scoop with my MBP.
– Caught up with the last two episodes of SHIELD (mid-season finale included) and the season finale for Last Man on Earth.
– Watched the first 5 episodes of Seinfeld season 5.
– Finally got around to updating my PC to Windows 10.

Day 2:
– Went directly to Fahrenheit for Kronoz year-end sale. Bought Frankensteins V3 in the Skinny Guy fit.
– Walked around Pavilion for a bit.
– Ippudo didn’t turn out anywhere near as good as the first time I tried it. The akamaru broth was disappointing from the first mouthful, where I was almost immediately overwhelmed by the strong burst of pepper. The layers of flavour were muted and thoroughly subdued, if they even still existed. The edamame was nice though, so there’s that?
– Went to Low Yat, bought a new MacBook Pro 13″, external hard drives and an SD card.
– Finished reading “The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios”, a curious collection of short stories from early in Yann Martel’s career.
– Watched Fargo season 2 finale!
– Watched Star Wars IV: A New Hope
– Watched the latest episodes for Blackish, Modern Family etc.

Day 3:
– Set up new MacBook. Migration Assistant + Time Machine backup makes for a remarkably smooth transition. I knew it was good but not this good!
– Justice League N52 – resumed reading all the way up to the latest New-New Gods. The whole Darkseid v Anti Monitor shebang. It’s alright.
– Lunch at Prologue (Taman Paramount) for the second time
– “A Little Bit of Christmas” bazaar – bought grossly overpriced Mentega Pomade
– Dinner at Basil Pasta House, Kuchai Lama

Day 4:
– Began my draft on the Singapore-Laneway plan
– Typed out most of the Jogja post (holy backlog, Batman)
– Inside Scoop x Three Little Birds for coffee and ice cream
– Started watching UnREAL. Pretty great stuff! Very dark though.

Day 5:
– Tried on the Mentega Pomade for the first time. Was thoroughly horrified.
– Lunch at “Well Cook Gourmet”. The fried laksa was fantastic.
– Headed to Pyramid to pick up some stuff
– Then it was off to Cream Cafe at Dataran Prima to get some Ethiopian beans from The Roast Things
– And then Nihon Kai for dinner
– And Doors Cafe for postprandial tea and matcha latte
– Oh, I also watched Justice League: Gods & Monsters

Day 6:
– Aeropressed the Ethiopian beans for a delicious cup.
– UnREAL gets even better with each episode. Fascinating to see how far they go with the concept.
– Thanks to our gracious benefactor Luke, we got to watch Star Wars VII at TGV 1U and go through the whole Indulge experience (pre-movie lunch buffet!). Heck, we even got super cool goody bags.
– Had some chain curry rice thingamajig at 1U after that.

Day 7:
– Yut Kee brunch! Pretty disappointing excursion though, as the quality seems to have plummeted by quite a bit.
– We planned to get our first fittings at Ah Loke Tailor, but he had other plans. Plans that involved disappearing from his shop until 5pm without a handphone, despite a 1pm reservation. So it’s back to ALT on Monday instead.
– Opted out of Comic Fiesta, and finished watching UnREAL season 1 instead. No regrets.

I guess it’s been a pretty good week. Hopefully the next one is slightly more productive though (it obv isn’t going to be, thanks to the pesky holidays)

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