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December 18, 2015 by Wayne.

So, hey, I use a number of different gadgets and gizmos to stave off the existential emptiness and dour drudgery of daily labour:

1. MacBook Pro
In its former iteration, this was an unwieldy relic from 2010. It was a 15″ behemoth with both an SSD and an old school HDD inside. Carrying it around was the most gruelling thing I’ve put my core through.

In line with my disastrous spending habits though, I’ve recently bought a sleeker 13″ retina model. The transition has been remarkably seamless; the only times I’ve noticed the difference have been when the machine reacts much more rapidly than I’m used to. There’s a noticeable spring in its step. It’s been a joy using it so far and, quite frankly, I haven’t really been impacted by the change in screen size.

Things I use the MBP for:
Photo editing, largely. My Lightroom library now rests solely on the MBP (and my backup drive). Sure, it’s more accurate to use a mouse, but it’s just a lot zippier to use the MBP. I can edit on the go – in hotel rooms, cafes, the couch, yadda yadda. Plus I can always use my tablet for extra precision.

Browsing on the go: this new 13″ is just perfect for bringing around / out to a cafe. The battery life’s great and it doesn’t even feel like it’s in my bag!

The MBP is also the central hub for all my project planning. I run everything out of Ulysses (god damn, what a great program). And when I need to streamline my notes and to-do list, it’s easiest to just throw Simplenote and Notes into a separate desktop and work from there. Windows 10 or not, nothing beats the OS X when it comes to working on multiple windows. Plus El Capitan has the new split screen function too for full-screen mode.

Andddd yeah that’s about it, really. I don’t demand much out of what is essentially my secondary computer, which is why taking the 13″ MBP and not opting to upgrade to 16GB RAM (for a preposterous price) feels increasingly like the right decision.

2. PC
Pretty much everything (else) that I do runs through my PC. My main media library sits in two HDDs in the case – one purely for movies, and the other for TV shows, PDFs, comics, music etc. It’s a veritable depository of largely untouched knowledge. Woohoo!

Also, the audio editing will be done purely on my PC. I already have my Scarlett audio interface running through it (as a DAC to my Fluid Audio monitors too!), and all the Reaper plugins etc. Shifting over is too much of a hassle. Plus what’s the point?

Video editing…I dunno. We’ll get there. Need to change my processor for that. Potentially get more RAM too.

Other than that, games, regular browsing, TV bingeing, listening to music at home etc. all goes through the good ol PC.

3. iPod classic
Mr. Classic has a permanent spot in my backpack, next to my powerbank. It just can’t be replaced. Esp. since all the other iPods have essentially been abandoned and there’s no hope of a new 120-160GB model. There just isn’t the market for the good ol’ iPod anymore.

I still love it though. There’s nothing quite like it.

4. iPhone
Ever since I transitioned from Android to the 3GS, I’ve only used iPhones. There’s never been a need for anything else. Jailbreak that bad boy and the only real issue has always been the horrendous battery life.

Coming from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6 has been a particularly large jump, by the way. Great stuff.

5. Kindle
It’s a mini library in a tiny e-ink reader that doesn’t hurt the eyes, and weighs less than most books. Not much more needs to be said (even if it’s inelegant and looks cheaper than a night market toy).

6. iPod shuffle
Heyo! I haven’t used it in the field. It seems pretty handy though.

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