#indica says you’ve been a bad boy tonight and all i want is to tie you up and score lines across your palms and eyes

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October 10, 2015 by Wayne.

and already, you’ve faded
all ready to go, lips smacked and
barely two months in, already
hours roll into the next day, the
lights go out without motion, the
songs harsh in the vacant lot
the lights lost around the filing
cabinets and
oh, i don’t know
why did you come back?
and hey, i don’t know, you look
good in glasses, good in your glasses,
they slice and frame and your chin too
sharper under the glossy curves

and we’ve already been through so much, darling
all the patience to climb all day
barely paid my time in
to-do lists on yellow papers
and there’s no disarray, only planning
life around the two days
at the end of the cycles
we were drinking on our first night, singing in groups,
huddled around two microphones as the floor emptied itself of people

you say love
is the splaying of limbs, different lips suckling and lingering,
dry tongues scratching circles around stiffened nipples
is the brief eyeball through the hole before brushing yourself down and smiling as you open the door and he lifts up a hand apologetically and looks at his phone for the next viewing
is the unsheathed unflexed unstirred
so this is life, what’s the big deal
what’s the what’s the big deal
faster and
faster now i feel all of you inside and
the heat grows and trickles away and up and
we sip at the stream of living between the moments
and already i’m fading, i can’t
not now, i never could
i never could do this

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