Mindful Living?

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September 20, 2015 by Wayne.

Sure, it sounds like one of those meaningless platitudes you see plastered around FB (thanks, tumblr spillover!). And sometimes it seems like an admonishment, pointed at the you and I who so carelessly mis-spend our lives.

So I tried it out this weekend and, well, it was amazing. Here’s what I did on Sunday:

Woke up pretty late and laboured over coffee. That’s Hario hand grinders for you. Retreated to my room and sipped my coffee while flicking through Riposte and Kinfolk. Tuned in to the quiet calmness that comes with ignoring the fact there’s work to be done. So far so good.

Then I headed out to an independent brand showcase: A Slice of Summer, hosted by Awegallery. Presumably the same folks also head up Awesome Canteen and Prologue. All great places, by the way. Prologue in particular was very very pretty:

yeahhhh okay it's nicer than this crappy shot

yeahhhh okay it’s nicer than this crappy shot

The event was great. Managed to chat with a couple of the vendors, a few of whom I’d already met in prior bazaars. It’s always encouraging to see the same faces, if only because it means they’re (at the very least) doing well enough to push on. The market for independent thought and craft is still miniscule here in Malaysia, but change usually happens through the tiniest of increments. I do what I can to support and document the slow-moving tide.


Oh and I had a delightful lunch at Prologue, enjoying my tomato-broth ramen and gyoza in the beautiful setting while reading volume 4 of Desiderata.

Returned home after that, uploaded the few photos I took, and brought my kindle out for a dinner date. Got through a bit more of 4 Hour Workweek while eating at that handmade noodle and fish/pork/beef ball place along Jln Radin Bagus. Stocked up on groceries after that at Just Fruits. The name’s a barefaced lie, by the way. I ended up dishing out a shit-ton of cash on various cheeses, pasta and pomegranate juice.

Returned home once again, then it was back out to check on the latest cafe to set up shop in Sri P. Pretty meh place, to be honest.

Now I’m back here once again and in the midst of clearing my mind, plans and belongings. Feels pretty good. It’s the weekend the way it should be – slow down, take stock of things, clear the clutter and refocus on reaching the goals. The first goal being of course to have more weekends like this where it’s actually possible to experience life while it’s being lived.

Guess it’s time to get to started on all those projects…

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