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June 28, 2015 by Wayne.

Updated: 8 May 2016

I appreciate the visual (and aural!) poetry of film, cinematography, thematic depth, mise-en-scene yadda yadda. My list of fave movies skews pretty heavily towards modern ones though (check out the list in the right sidebar).

Largely literary fiction (Ishiguro, Mitchell, Faber, Gaiman etc.), but also pop-science, and non-fiction on topics that interest me (economics, anarchism, philosophy etc).

Comics and graphic novels.
I rarely got the chance to follow comic arcs as a kid. I mostly picked up random issues here and there and tried to sort of fit the bits and pieces together. Once I started torrenting though, I quickly filled up the gaps. From Watchmen to Preacher, Asterix to Persepolis, I’ve always loved sequential art and always will.

I like writing poetry marginally more than reading it. I’m on a short hiatus from it though, after a series of exhausting poetry-writing projects.

Football Manager, football tactics, Manchester United

Rock climbing, to a certain extent
I’m not particularly good at it, I only go 3-4 times a year and I’ve been on a rapid decline since leaving high school – but I still enjoy it! A bit. I think.


I’m admittedly pretty shit at it. I’m trying my best but I think it’s time to admit I don’t have the natural instinct to frame nice photos. I do however think it can be trained, it just takes a longer time. Looking to go out for shoots when I can – although when is it ever a good time, really? Weekends are the only realistic shooting times and those are always packed to the brim with stuff to do and if I do go out, it’s sweltering. But oh well, excuses, right?


Design encompasses a hell of a lot of things here. I like typography and nicely laid out stores, I like posters with a muted colour palette, I like…nice design. Whatever that means.
Also, brief note on minimalism: There’s a fine line between minimalism and stoic asceticism. Although I do gravitate towards minimalistic design, I can’t see my house actually incorporating the aesthetic. Not unless I have a shitload of money and a maid to clean everything.

Music. Actively looking for new music, as well as listening to my massive collection.
I take music fairly seriously. I’ve poured countless hours into exploring a smorgasbord of genres and discographies. And the result? I like shoegaze and jazz, folk and twee bubblegum pop. I like Keaton Henson and The Antlers in equal measure. I like a lot of stuff.

They cost a bomb, but they’re (usually) worth it. It’s so easy to lose yourself to the music in a genuinely good concert, and the rush is intoxicating. Best gigs I’ve been to in Malaysia would have to be Warpaint and Tame Impala.

Not that I’m any good at singing or guitar-ing, but there’s a unique feeling that comes with improvising and clicking into a groove, regardless of how fleeting the moment lasts.

I’m shit at it and I’ve only done it a handful of times, but it’s simultaneously very fun and wrapped up in all the nostalgia of my past Canadian life. So there’s that.

With 1-2 interesting people about various topics stretched out over several hours of coffee or board games or w/e. Which really just boils down to having a genuine connection with someone. And being able to talk about things other than work. And also not talking in large groups. I’m uncomfortable in large groups, unless it’s in the context of a project etc. and I can take charge.

Youtube: The React channel/Finebros, PBS Idea Channel, Gennaro Contaldo, LAHWF, Bart’s Fish Tales
Watching Teens React to The Last of Us has been an incredible experience. It’s still ongoing and I still get a tiny buzz of excitement every time I see a new episode uploaded. PBS is consistently brilliant, I’ve followed LAHWF from Andrew’s early days, and Gennaro’s food channel is just addictive. Bart’s Fish Tales reminds me of Rick Stein in a way, so there’s that. I wish there was more Rick Stein stuff out there to watch.

– Slim qt girls with hip flares and long legs and similar-ish tastes
Religion is a dealbreaker though. As is stupidity

Raw denim

Nice clothes in general
The Styleforum/sufu/sz days are long gone (the money’s run out and the waist’s expanded beyond recognition), but I’m still quite fond of going through lookbooks occasionally. It was a pretty fun phase while it lasted, btw. I used to be knee-deep in memes and sales threads. I lusted after the W+H navy blazer, Inverallan knits, Common Projects, even that gorgeous marble-blotches Jil Sander suit. Also, Stephan Schneider totally had the best collection title ever (You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties).

Board games
The only downside is you need friends 😦



– Ad-free magazines with a focus on typography, clean design and interesting content
Yeah yeah the ones that are everywhere. They’re still fascinating though. Cereal, Riposte, Kinfolk, Fantastic Man, Happy Reader etc.

I’m not rabid about it, but I like good coffee. Good here being whatever tastes good to me. Also, I’ve recently dabbled in cold brew and ice drips. Using a Hario basic coffee mill (or whatever it’s called) which is a pretty nice manual burr grinder but it does require a very firm grip. Currently using an Iwaki ice drip which is alright I guess, but the drip rate can’t be controlled. And the filter looks like a flimsy nylon (as opposed to a sturdy aluminium one or something). Haven’t managed to get good results yet, but I’ll keep trying with different beans, grounds coarseness, ratio of ice to water etc.

– Common Projects and Margiela GATs and other comfy shoes with nice profiles

– My Kindle.
I’m regularly fascinated by just how light and easy to handle it is. And I’m constantly trying to convert people over to it, despite the fact that I have plenty of complaints about the interface (amongst other things). Reading on the commute to work has become one of the small pleasures left to me in life.

– TV.
Yeah, I do think we’re in a golden age. I’ve watched a great number of great shows. I’m still broken up about Utopia, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Parks & Rec, and Mad Men ending. Luckily there are plenty of stellar shows out there to somewhat fill the void. As a sidenote, one of the best parts of following a show as it airs (instead of marathoning) is joining in the discussion threads on Reddit after each episode. Breaking Bad in particular was so much better when I got to engage with the BB-loving community (all the increasingly crazed theorizing aside).

– Cartoons and animation.
Also the golden age for these. Over the Garden Wall, Bob’s Burgers, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Rick & Morty, Adventure Time, Archer – I’m very grateful I’m able to catch all of them.

– Notebooks.
Well, kinda. I’m a bit precious about them, I don’t have many, and I only go for the most minimalistic of designs. Moleskines are admittedly great, although their prices are pretty ridiculous. The current “unicorn” notebooks I’m using are decent substitutes though the binding isn’t as professional (resulting in some pages looking terrible) and the back pocket-sleeve causes slight bulges at the corners of the pages.

I’ve recently started dabbling in pocket notebooks (Field Notes and Mossery) too. They’re pretty tiny and portable but putting them in the pockets quickly ruins them so I’m still figuring out how to make it work. I guess if you’re in a country with actual seasons, they’d be great to carry around in a blazer/jacket/coat pocket. Goddamn it, Malaysia!

– Singing along to Alvvays and Warpaint and other music that I like

– Good pho and good poutine.
Both of which I’ve been deprived of since leaving Edmonton all those years ago.

– Muji, their prices aside.
A lot of their goods have the cheap-minimalism look of Ikea, but from a less-plasticky angle.

– Urban planning
I’ll admit that I first got into this because of a Monocle issue. It’s not a major topic of interest, in the sense that I don’t actively explore more about it but I definitely jump on any article that pops up along the way. Like that recent one about how having a green-rich city improves wellbeing.
I also like the idea of a bicycle-friendly city, though maybe not in the tropical sauna of KL. Cycling around Penang was great fun but that was only workable precisely because I wasn’t working then. Hard to see myself cycling to work in the humid heat.

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