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April 9, 2015 by Wayne.

So life has been incredibly hectic since mid-February (since CNY, really). On the creative/creation side of things, I’ve managed to complete several projects and make some progress in others. Here’s a list of everything since week 8 of 2015:



Bones Licked And Left

I finished a poetry collection in a week (28 poems in total). Not very satisfied with the results looking back, but it was a fantastic experience. Working under such a tight deadline meant I couldn’t afford to backtrack while writing, which led to some interesting results.

I’ve decided I won’t be releasing a digital copy of this booklet. However, you can still order the physical copy from me at a discount. In addition, I’ll be editing the whole thing one last time and repackaging it for May’s Buku dan Bazaar. Yup, I’ll (most likely) be there! I’ll be sharing a booth with a very talented photographer. Should be exciting. Although it does mean I have to finish up all the running projects plus one or two more poetry collections to actually have anything to sell.

Visible Friends

I’ve been involved in an ongoing collaboration with Umar and this was the first song that resulted from it. All the instrument tracks were written by Umar. I mixed them, wrote lyrics, and added vocals. Pretty fun!

Moonlight Girls

I played around with a couple of new plugins and stuff, and ended up with this track. More of a doodle than a “proper” song, but it’s given me some ideas for more experimental songs.


Speaking of experimental, I also did this highly NSFW song which samples heavily from three user submissions on gonewildaudio.

Theater of Me

The second collab song with Umar. Same deal as the first, though this one involved a lot of finicky noise removal and stuff since his tracks suffered from a lot of excess noise.

love, life, death, that sort of thing

I actually didn’t post about this on the blog, but you can look at the cover here. It’s a chapbook I made specially for Buku dan Bazaar – the March edition. The poems cover a fairly wide range of topics and styles, and I’m pretty happy with it. I see it as more of a summary of what I’d done up to that point and with the milestone in place, I can look to come up with more inventive works that don’t retread the same ground (too much).



Sleeping in Oregon

And a perfect example of “more inventive” is right here! I’m still working on the layout and stuff, and it’ll be out by the end of the week. It’s my latest poetry collection and it features poems written from two separate POVs. The poems alternate between viewpoints throughout the collection, which let me explore certain themes in different ways. I had great fun writing it, and I’m already hard at work on other poetry projects.

Female cover album

I’ve recorded three songs so far for this. Basically an album of covers where the original songs were sung by women.

How To Dress Yourself

A short primer on dressing for the average clueless male. I’ve finished writing the first part of a three-part series, but it took much longer than expected. I’ll hopefully finish the second part by next week and the final one the week after.


I’ve been mulling over whether I should join this one. If I do, I’d have a very much delayed start. Not that it matters much. We’ll see next week, I suppose. A lot of the planned projects have already taken backseats for long enough.


Like this, for instance. I’ve done a rough plan and outline, now I’m sort of storyboarding it more closely and it’s falling apart. Will need to get it done by this week (hopefully).


Just started picking up InDesign today, so hopefully it helps. I think a good deadline in this case would be to finish planning all the features and articles for the first edition by the end of next week. Can finally start writing after that, and get in touch with the contributors.


My street photography project has been stalled for months. Very frustrating since I know I’m not improving at all, and I desperately need to start shooting to actually hone my eye.

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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    All the best with your projects 😀

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