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March 25, 2015 by Wayne.

a collection of the last messages i’ve sent on whatsapp and fb

Hope they survive though.
Problem is you said yes you would tell me
Yeah that’s true I guess
Rightm, like you went and fucked someone else?
That’s silkscreen printing btw. By hand

Well, not like you knew it was me. Hah.
Reset password, delete everything. Should I?
are you saying you’re hot
Don’t try to walk there from Clarke quay. Just saying

Hello, May Jean.
The right answer is always to go to Stockholm
No problem, I’ll let him know when he wakes up
Aite that’s cool
Hope yours is good!
shocking stuff.
Gonna drop by raksasa and chill

Not great. Unemployed and all that
Usually on a shorter wall to minimize the risk of grisly death
Why not. Since I sound like a parent
Seriously though, fuck you

Oh help

I want to be a hot woman and get free stuff too
ear infection aside, im good
Same with Egg.
it’s true though
Ones my girlfriend
Yeah maybe. Maybe then. but its gone now

Which is a pretty shitty country
although now im thinking of just going with Moist
hopefully not lol. but you did remind me that im growing old(er)
Fml no snow

so thats a no to postcard then
Are you alive
going to church
like talking to my wall
I’m guessing that’s a no
daphne looks like she’s wearing a dress 2 times too large
ask me for what
You don’t work at off day anymore do you?

merry christmas, friend

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