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March 25, 2015 by Wayne.

It’s been a very rough month. Both professionally and personally. Took a look at the emotion graph for my character sheet and the low troughs this March are slightly above YY fucking off forever and just slightly below Rachel fucking off forever.¬†

Anyway, think I bit off more than I can chew and tried to rush too many projects at once. Finishing a new project each week has a nice self-contained deadline but it turns out it’s not a very sustainable pace to maintain – not unless you can concentrate on said project in isolation.

Here are a couple of things I’ve been working on + have left to do for this month. Most of it will be spilling over to next month. Check it out, drop me a note (or not), have a good week. I’m also selling my chapbook life, love, that sort of thing for RM5 per copy, let me know if you want one. Will put it up on my webstore next month.

  • Finish my comic about a pocket universe
  • (Start and) finish my graphic novel entry for this month’s Writers’ Tower
  • Finish the one-week poetry collection that alternates between two POVs
  • Submit photos to Poskad Malaysia
  • Complete my handmade copy of Cards Against Humanity – a bit difficult since the cards I need are no longer in stock at CZiplee
  • Try to stop killing myself because parents are being horrible – granted, a strange thing to be complaining about since I’m 10 years older than the typical age group afflicted, but hey still living with the rents
  • Finish a cover album of songs by female singers
  • Finish a cover album of songs by male singers
  • Finish the collaboration song I’m working on with Umar
  • Get to the song I’m supposed to be working on with Zhi Chung
  • Start looking through CFA material
  • Resume language learning on Duolingo
  • Resume learning about coding
  • Refresh Excel skills
  • Go through the other downloaded UOL material – eg. strategy,¬†financial stochastics, modern political thought
  • Fit in another RAM stick (yeah okay this is mostly just me fretting over whether I should spend on it)
  • Start cutting through the backlog of movies
  • And what about the backlog of books, hmm?
  • Still have a couple of leftover commissioned poems too
  • And not to mention I should start writing short stories soon
  • All those competition deadlines coming up
  • Need to get a shirt with a proper fitting collar too
  • It’s hard man. There’s just so much to do, yknow?
  • Like Football Manager and XCOM games.
  • Life eh?

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