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March 9, 2015 by Wayne.

103 coffee serves mediocre coffee in a faux-industrial exposed-concrete setting. It also has pretty good wifi. And a decent number of power outlets. Nothing like Coffea, of course. Strangely, the power outlets here always do weird chargey things to my laptop. I get lots of static shocks just touching the aluminium body and it’s pretty painful after a bit, b.

Speaking of ‘weird things’ and ‘my laptop’, the ol’ MBP is acting up nowadays. Maybe it’s all the lugging around while it’s asleep + never really letting it shut down for good, but it’s starting to lag again. Not as bad as before, of course, but it’s still annoying. It mostly hangs when I try to type shit in Chrome. Like right now I’m actually typing without the screen or whatever responding. The cursor’s just hanging there at the start of the paragraph and I gotta hope I’m typing accurately.

My therapist says I should talk a bit about Uniqlo. Uniqlo used to be pretty good. Better than it is now, at least. By which I mean they had better fits, better fabrics, that sort of thing. You know. Better. Speaking of shrinks, though, Uniqlo’s been shrinking their shirts recently. Especially noticeable on the dry T-shirts, which now fit slightly longer (good), but are much shorter in the sleeves (not good) and are also oddly tight in the sleeves too. It’s like they’re pushing them away from being viable casualwear options and into the realm of (shitty) innerwear.

Feels like only jailbait-looking girls work at cafes nowadays. I do feel like I’m growing older, though.

Also, I’m operating from a bit of a mobile office at the moment – by which I mean I carry it on my back. Kind of. I carry my old MacBook Pro, a calculator, a tablet at times, my DSLR, a Kinfolk issue, my moleskine. It all adds up. Time to start yoga, I guess.

Wasn’t I going to do flash poetry at one point?

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