1/2/15 10:36:27pm


March 1, 2015 by Wayne.

I walked by the park earlier
though it’s nicer at night
when the place is
nearly gutted of its populace
like a half-faded photo
in a thought-box I put together for you
that you gave back when I came back.

Okay, if I have to reply:

The day before you messaged,
it was pretty good. Pretty great, actually.
The weather was good too, since you asked.
Still hot – it’s always hot –
but it didn’t rain, at least
Between bike trips out for food,
I thought about what I would say on sunday
like, would I need to wait for you
to say sorry and just sulk in the meanwhile
or should I pretend it didn’t matter and
do the whole smiling, laughing routine

And I thought about the time by the doorway, and when I sat behind you, and a bunch of other times too, but thankfully you cut it short by saying you wouldn’t see me, and that was the end of that.

One thought on “1/2/15 10:36:27pm

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    Man, this was good. You’ve captured the relationship perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

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