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February 26, 2015 by Wayne.

i wonder if you drop by sometimes
to laugh or look or listen to me try
to push things into place
to chart my place in the world
and build my world around it
to fit ships with engines
of existential crises
and sail to lands
of literary devices
to shrug my shoulders into place
and twist the pain until it breaks

probably not.
but i guess if you did, i would say:
i wish it had worked out,
it would have been nice.
i liked looking at you, at any rate
you and your dark eyes and uh
pretty face?
right, so honestly i can’t quite recall
how you looked like exactly
or what we talked about
or things you liked or hated
you write pretty lines at times
curling words
unrhymed and reformed
that flow like white satin against duvets
and i guess it’ll be nice to see you again.

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