11 reasons you should read my new poetry collection


February 22, 2015 by Wayne.

is this how clickbait works? i’m new at this

Anyway, on the 8th week of 2015, I wrote and edited 28 poems that are collected in a neat little, well, collection titled Bones Licked & Left.

For now, only print editions are available in my webstore, but I’ll put up a free PDF version soon. It won’t be as cool though. Because the print editions aren’t really print editions. They’re handwritten! Then scanned and printed for copies.

A bit more about the project:

The week before the project, I stopped editing any of my old poems and instead devoured other people’s poetry – Rexroth, Cummings, Ammons, random Tumblr people, some Malaysian & Singaporean poets etc.

On the week of the project, I kept away from poetry and read other stuff instead. Pratchett, The Numbers Game, and lots of magazines – monocle, kinfolk, comics etc. I divided up the work-time as follows:

Day 1 : planned themes, ideas, prompts
Day 2 – 5: wrote
Day 6: edited
Day 7: compiled, sorted, handwrote into booklet

Once again, grab a copy here.

IMG_6845 index

IMG_6856 IMG_6859

One thought on “11 reasons you should read my new poetry collection

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    Way to go. Congrats! I has to be the fastest thought-to-book turnaround I’ve seen thus far. Good job!

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