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January 30, 2015 by Wayne.

I’ve had my fair share of insults in my short (haha get it) life, but I’m most proud of having been once called “the tetchiest prick this side of andromeda”.

But fear not, readers and fans alike – interactions with this small blog owner do not have to be mired in excessive caution. For 2015, I have compiled an inexhaustive guide for doing the human talky-talky with me

Things I Do Not Geek About (and might, from time to time, actively hate)

  • Young Adult fiction.
    Actually, let me clarify this one. I don’t have a problem with the genre or the classification, but rather with the popular representatives of it today. John Green and co have churned out a startling number of middling, mindless books under the YA label. Now, I’m not a “book snob” who insists only classic Russian lit and pre-Wittgenstein philosophy are worthy reading material, but it’s irksome to hear people gush over mediocre writing. I feel the same way when people fanboy over Murakami.
  • Cars.
    And other such engine-based means of transportation (See also: trains, planes, buses, Segways). I have zero interest in cars beyond the absolute necessity of having one to survive in KL as a grown person. Completely clueless about everything other than how to drive them, plus some simple maintenance-ish stuff. Although toy/model cars aren’t quite as offensive.
  • Lifting.
    The whole gym rat routine, with calorie counting, functional-protein-and-creatine pumping, yeah fuck that. It’s reactionary (and wholly incorrect) to indict the growth of gym culture as symptomatic of the millenial cult-of-the-self, but when have I ever shied away from being incorrect
  • Art of Manliness.
    Well, I did read a number of their articles in the past. I can’t in good faith say I hated all of them. But they do represent a growing number of men who try to “reclaim” their manliness by delving into everything from straight razors to side-parting and becoming obsessively precious about their new rituals. It’s the other side of the “things a real gentlemen does” coin.
  • Clickbait listicles.
    They always remind me, for some reason, of Kony 2012. Elite daily, buzzfeed, upworthy, countless copycats – you know what I’m talking about. A subset of this section-hatred is also saved for the Voices of the Generation bullshit that’s routinely hawked by Elitedaily, Thought Catalog etc
  • Clothes with tacky ass branding.
    Examples are pretty much every high-street brand out there. And low street. Everything that’s not wallet-killing designer-wear, basically. Is it really that hard to concentrate on textures, fabric, and cuts? Yes. Yes, it is.
  • Pestle & Mortar.
    For reasons, see above. Seriously, fuck this brand. Even if I have a snapback from them.
  • Anime.
    I don’t hate it, mind you. I’ve just never stuck to a series and felt like it wasn’t a waste of time. Well, Death Note was right, I guess. Gave it numerous shots with plenty of shows whose titles I can’t even recall now, they were that bad. And I grew up reading a decent amount of manga too! Dragon Ball, Trigun, Detective Conan, Shaman King, Berserk, Negima, stuff like that. Although if we’re talking about movies, the recent Berserk movies are decent enough – the latest one is insane.
  • Shit-tier, not-IDM, EDM
    Although I’m not too hot about IDM either, if you must know. #dadrocktaste
  • Most sports.
    I’m crazy about football and football tactics, even though I basically never play it anymore. The real sport, that is. I play football manager all the time when my laptop isn’t dying from 200 tabs open at once. Tennis is alright for the occasional watch. I have a soft spot for indoor cycling. But everything else – god damn. Especially shit like golf, baseball, rugby, basketball and hockey
  • Religion.
    Oh, a curmudgeonly atheist? Who saw that coming?
  • (Expensive) pens

Some Things I Do Geek About

  • Film.
    I like movies. I don’t fetishize old and/or foreign movies, but I do assign value to aspects like thematic depth, mise-en-scene, figure behaviour, cinematography, and all those other elements of film. I generally can’t stand low-brow movies that are chock-full of cringeworthy cliches and dumbed-down scripts.
  • Books
    Although there’ll be an exception to this later on. Plus I generally read fiction 70-90% of the time, depending on the season, and I don’t consider solely reading non-fiction to be reading. That’s as far as it gets with the snobbishness, I guess, since I’m a sucker for modern mainstream fiction (Franzen, Mitchell, Gaiman, Ishiguro, darling of the month unless it’s Murakami)
  • Books
    Like, not just the content. I like physical books. They take up prime space in my tiny room, but I’ll never genuinely consider replacing them all with an e-book reader. Complementing, maybe. It’s tied up into childhood memories, and the physical thrill of feeling them in your hands, I suppose. Nostalgia, eh? It’s silly, sure, but it’s also very potent.
  • Arts
    It’s a broad term. I’m not well-versed on art history or the various types of techniques used to create various textures or…much about art at all. But I mostly do appreciate authentic efforts to express oneself, especially if it avoids the most literal ways possible. There’s something fulfillingly human about having to think about a piece and explore what it means in relation to the lens you bring to the viewing. I guess I’m bundling plenty of things together under this category – paintings, photography, even design. Though I don’t really get most modern dance tbh.
  • Music
    I take music quite seriously, or as serious as one generally gets with hobbies. Because I do consider actively listening to (and looking for) music as a hobby. I’ve poured many, many hours into exploring genres and bands, deleting stuff that didn’t immediately leave an impression, and subsequently re-downloading them and trying again years later. I try to write my own music, but it’s usually based around very simple musical ideas since I need some time finally sit down and to properly learn the guitar. Preferably away from the computer(s), because I never get things done that way. Oh, and under this point – gigs, man. I love gigs. They cost a bomb, but they’re usually worth it.
  • Snowboarding
    I’m romanticizing the experiences since I’ve so few of them (plus they’re tightly wrapped up with the best memories in Canada), but I did love snowboarding even if I was crap at it.

What I Want To Do

  • Languages.
    I think it’s been long enough living in KL/Malaysia without knowing a single Chinese dialect. Although…lazy la. Duolingo, add Mandarin please.
  • Coding
    My life could have been quite different if I had picked up programming since I was young. Wouldn’t know if it’d necessarily be better though. I could have made a fairly popular app that quickly died off after the hype-wave and blown all my money on drugs and overdosed
  • Bungee jumping
  • Travel
    But it’s expensive. Need to focus on getting full-time employment first. Hard to save money without a stable income. Although after that, I’ll have to save for CFA, a car, a house…all that fun stuff, eh? Ah well. Hopefully I’ll get to travel a bit more before I’m too old to enjoy it. Although I probably can’t pull off the style I did in Penang and Singapore. Walking everywhere in the humid tropical climate with a heavy ass MBP – I’m still recovering a week later.
  • Art
  • Publish my poetry collection.

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