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January 13, 2015 by Wayne.

you too shall pass
no more worrying over
tests (words and blood)
that part’s good
not so good:
i fell for a girl with beach makeup
who plays bobby summers and
doesn’t exist
met her while waiting in a crowded cafe,
and we were soon exchanging
lines from french novellas
about absurdist shit i pretended to like,
she said I
know this is all there is but it doesn’t mean I can
subconsciously accept it

Fucking life,
play fair.
You asked for a lot; i
gave all i could,
which was nothing much.

maybe i’m looking for another christine to talk about under the skin and masturbation, girls with image issues and deleted pinoy boyfriends, to stare past over bowls of pick-your-own-noodles,

Maybe, maybe.

Really, it’s just
it feels like i’m disappearing
like maybe i actually do need to obsess over a yinn yii while talking to her and waiting for the next lunch because maybe it’s (somehow) still preferable to not talking to anyone
maybe life should
blow up somewhere fucking else.

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