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January 6, 2015 by Wayne.

I watched a video on mixing & mastering recently (and lost the link) that brought up an interesting exercise – basically reflect on the year past and figure out what worked and what didn’t work so well, both in terms of audio engineering (ugh what a term) in particular, and life in general. Since I have a ton of other better things to do (for instance, go around Penang – yeah, I’m writing this on vacation), I naturally decided to plunge headfirst into the exercise.


I didn’t write a lot. What I did write wasn’t very good. But I did get a bit better at editing, so it’s one step at a time, I suppose.

For 2015, I’m looking to get a lot more poetry churned out – hopefully enough for me to trawl through and edit out a collection by the end of the year. Also looking to write a lot more short stories since I highly enjoyed the experience of rushing out Dissecting Cheese in one day (yeah, I did it entirely on the 31st of December, even came up with the “plot” in the morning). Get some consecutive days racked up on Day One too.

Basically, my aim at the moment is to just get back into the groove of writing. Hopefully, a higher groove than any previous one. A faster groove. Groovier?

Once I establish a more fixed production rate, I can start focusing on the quality of the content.

Music (recording)

Oh man.

So I actually wrote out quite a bit about this, but it’s on a personal document. For some reason.

Gist is: get better at the guitar, get better at music theory, get better at singing, songwriting, mixing, mastering, everything.

The project continues.


Didn’t do much of it last year, same as most years since mid-high school. Bit of a shame I didn’t stick with this early on. Comic Fiesta sort of reignited my desire to be all arty (plus I picked up a tablet for cheap from eBay), so I’m hoping next year will be a good year for learning. Not just learning art either – learning languages, new skills, a healthier lifestyle, the whole shindig.

But back to art, I’m hoping to pop out a graphic novel and some decent-ish art by the time the next Comic Fiesta comes around. Who knows, I may even be able to rent a stall. Like, I may have enough money to do it.


Dropped this for ages since returning to Malaysia. Finally picked it up again (kinda) with Danny’s arrival and the trip to Penang. Replaced my 450D with a 600D so there’s no excuse to not get out there in 2015. Other than the fucking blazing heat.


Don’t name names, and all that, right? But, 1. it’s not like anyone I personally know reads this blog, 2. said blog was established on the core tenet of oversharing, and 3. I was talking about the friends-type of relationships. Which isn’t that bad to talk about. Right? Man, I’m not sure.

2014 was a record year for breaking/losing said relationships, of course. There’s Shuyi, SA, Ivy, KY, Mandy, YY (or maybe not or maybe but really at this point does it matter), Leslie, D, Rachel, Nicole – and holy shit this isn’t over yet? – Yee Theng, Jasmine, Christine (but come on this one was hilarious), Wendy, and I’m realizing this list seems to imply I only fall out with girls, which isn’t exactly true, it just seems that way since I have much fewer male friends (#redflag).

But honestly I don’t think I should force my way back. Maybe I’m just sick of grovelling for attention/compassion/companionship? Maybe not that last one. Either way, it’s time to look ahead, pick up some new friends at the friend mart, and try to strengthen whatever few bonds I have left. The 3 or 4 people at the top of my whatsapp list, I guess.

Media Consumption (Music, TV, books, film)

I doubt I’ll ever again watch as many TV shows and movies as I did during 2014. Peak year, it was. And with stuff like Calvary, Grand Budapest Hotel, Utopia, Fargo, Under the Skin, Frank, Filth, Rick &Morty…it was a pretty damn good year at that.

In terms of film, I managed to catch a good deal more movies than I’ve ever been able to. Which is great since it helped me further form my preferences (I don’t think I’ve watched nearly enough to have much of an informed opinion, but eh I’m getting there). I perhaps could have caught more movies in the cinema (Nightcrawler, for one. And yeah that’s all I can think of actually. Gone Girl?), and could have went without spending the ticket money on some crappier ones.

And of course it was an amazing year for TV. One of the best, really! I guess I’ll eventually have to cut down on the stuff I keep religiously up-to-date with. Not much space left on the hard drive, anyway.

It wasn’t, however, a good year for books. That isn’t to say there weren’t a lot of good books published this year. There were. I just didn’t read a lot of them. I didn’t read a lot, in general. I pecked here and there at a myriad books, bought dozens and dozens and dozens of books, borrowed/stole a dozen more, and didn’t manage to clear out the books I originally wanted to sell. As a result, my books are now overflowing out of my overstuffed bookshelves. Not a great look.

So for 2015, I’ll need to read the goddamn books that I already have. Guess I’ll need to cut down on all the bullshit time I spend on my computer(s) to make space for that.

Anyway, here’s to 2015. I’m only about a week late.

3 thoughts on “ggwp 2014

  1. yasssss reading writing movies tv shows photography art yassssssss art yassssssss

  2. Sam says:

    “Once I establish a more fixed production rate, I can start focusing on the quality of the content.”

    But why not focus on producing a few ones of good quality instead?

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