How to write a story

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December 26, 2014 by Wayne.

  1. Spend a day’s salary on a moleskine
  2. Pirate Ulysses
  3. Lug macbook to a cafe
  4. Swear off milk-based coffee
  5. Stare intently at empty screen when the cute girl brings you espressos
  6. Wonder why all the girls in red tops and high-waisted pleated skirts and swept-back hair darkening from brown look so good
  7. I feel myself fading with every hour
  8. Wonder if you can afford lunch
  9. Wonder what’s her name and if it would matter
  10. Wonder if it makes sense that 50 thousand credits translated to 50 cycles at the Guard which only buys 8 hours of T-door
  11. Start a fresh new to-do list from unfinished lists
  12. Resolve to start a healthy lifestyle in the morning
  13. Add more Franzen and Faber to Goodreads to-buy
  14. See a photo of her in a navy peacoat and sweats against a garage door
  15. Rationalize that it is impossible to truly start before finding an appropriate name for your main character
  16. Watch Heston make the perfect poached egg
  17. Adjust sliders on lightroom
  18. Brainstorm other ways to sell off pieces of your life now that you’ve been banned from eBay
  19. Read a bit of Fahrenheit Twins while waiting for the loud group to vacate the table next to a power socket
  20. Wish McD and Coffea would hurry up and get their wifi connected
  21. See the cute server walk past again and avert eyes
  22. By Sunday, I will have dissolved into nothingness
  23. Set strict deadlines for word count
  24. Read about plot-deadlines being more effective
  25. Decide to revise word count goals
  26. Wonder if she’s moved in with him
  27. Finish downloading the latest flash
  28. Skip lunch
  29. By Monday, I will be a half-lesson, a dream sliding across the expanding expanse, words punched out upon impact, as alive as the sludge smacking into gelasin, dissolving and still smiling
  30. Write.

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