December 18, 2014 by Wayne.

A generation adrift,
bred sparingly from above
media-molded for the sweeping
zeitgeist of revolt.

Although what the fuck is a generation?

Rail against the plutocracy,
hammers to the bureaucratic
machine –
well, okay, no.

rise against the faces, thumbs-up
pitchforks and
progressive outrage:
we can name faces,
fight the parties, disciples
but never the machine,

The real truth is:
there is no

These experiences of separate selves
are shared into shared space, unheard,
unable to be summated,
counter-cultures last just long enough
for the next we.


2 thoughts on “co-opted

  1. V says:

    Sums it up just about right!

    A leader inspiring enough to capture the masses needs some great personal sacrifice under his/her belt; a happy family life or a staying seat in power doesn’t quite ring with the disenfranchised. Not many can continuously give it all up to sustain counter-culture. Fizzle fizzle.

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