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December 14, 2014 by Wayne.

Been a busy week, and it’s another even more hectic one right around the night corner!

So busy, in fact, that I haven’t even been updating my Day One entries. Who saw that coming, eh.

To (sort of, for some reason, whatever reason) compensate for that, here’s a brief rundown of a couple of things I have planned for the next few posts:

  • A top 30-50 albums of the year list is definitely in the making. I’m catching up on about 30 more albums that I missed out on (Lisa Gerrard, Jenny Lewis, Paws etc.), then I’ll slot them into the ranked list I already have up. Maybe next year I’ll start maintaining Top lists from the very start of the year
  • And other top 10 lists! Thought I can’t do one on books – haven’t read all that many 2014 books. I rarely read the latest books since a good 90+ % of my collection comes from sales.
  • I’m planning on editing a bunch of clips together for my next music video, but I’ll probably need to somehow find the time to do that while also showing Danny around Malaysia. Oh yeah, Danny’s coming from Canada.
  • Hopefully I’ll take a shitload of photos while I show him around. And hopefully some of those make it into my portfolio (yeahhh the site’s still unfinished)
  • Poetry? I guess
  • Culture Club will make its return. Soon. Planning on integrating food reviews inside too so my Places To Eat list will eventually just be a sort of directory to the reviews.
  • Merry Christmas?
  • Going all out this year. Got the tree out. Bought new shiny balls to hang, got the lights flashing every night, and my iPod’s taken up residence at the iHome outside, where it’s tasked with carolling.
  • So yeah, Merry Christmas! In advance.

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