week 25


December 1, 2014 by Wayne.

I survived.

Which isn’t to say I doubted I would survive – at least not in the literal sense. I did, however, worry that I would drown under all the pressure and anxiety. But, chimes the voice of the erudite, young, and inevitably nubile reader, what exactly did you go through?

Excellent question! To answer it, I’ve drawn up a curated list of things that happened and things I did (no discrimination between the two) last week:

  • Won tickets to Mogwai. This ended up being an absolutely incredible show. Won an Urbanscapes T shirt there. A certain someone got even luckier and won a main day ticket.
  • Went for interview for A***
  • Went for a second interview for A***
  • Received job offer from A***
  • Took up a freelance job writing business plans
  • Went for interview for D***
  • Took out hard drive from Dad’s laptop, connected it to mine, transferred the data, wiped the HDD, put it back in, reinstalled Windows, cried when it didn’t work, repeated, still doesn’t work, need to change the HDD
  • Got an enclosure for my previous MBP hard drive, which strangely seems to be working fine now
  • Also got some powerline thingamajig for the IPTV
  • Mulled very hard over whether I should get a new monitor and a new processor. Realized I don’t have the money anyway
  • Considered doing an installment payment thing for Alesis Elevate 5 monitors
  • Went to Viva Mall with Eunice for the Popular book sale. RM5 books yo. Got a fantastic haul
  • Brought said haul back and realized – not for the first time – that I have way, way, way too many books
  • Thought about returning some of the library books
  • Realized that I need a bunch of them for the business plan writing anyway
  • Learnt a wee bit more about audio editing
  • Realized writing blog posts is a lot more boring than writing in Day One
  • Went back to writing in Day One
  • Stopped talking to 2 more girls, which seems to be a common trend each week
  • Hardly listened to music amidst all that
  • But I somehow ended up spending a ridiculous amount of time downloading icon sets for my macbook
  • Yeah. And so another week begins.

5 thoughts on “week 25

  1. dang, congrats on the mogwai tix and shirt. are you going to urbanscapes?

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