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November 16, 2014 by Wayne.

I trudge through a lot of new albums every day to update the essential albums list. Here’s how I generally find them:


Yeah, it’s a cesspool of circlejerks, racism, sexism, hatred and all that fun stuff, but there’s also an incredible amount of music to be found. If you want to bypass all that and just go through the sharethreads until you find things you like, you can find past sharethreads here (RBT link). Those results are threads, so try going through them. It’s of course impossible to download and listen to every single album on there, so I usually look at stuff that sounds interesting to me.

I also go through the bandcamp threads occasionally, since there tend to be a good number of gems in there. Additionally, stuff like discussions on the year’s best albums tend to result in some overlooked records.

Once you get past the abrasive nature of the place, the major concern is trying to figure out what you should actually spend your time listening to.


There’s plenty to hate about Pitchfork. I honestly don’t bother reading their reviews anymore; it’s hard to find more nonsensical reviews anywhere on the Internet. But I do go through the reviews list just to see if any album looks interesting. Maybe an artiste I like recently released a new album – that sort of thing.

I do this about once a month. Or once every two months if the backlog is getting even more overwhelming than usual.


There are only a handful who have decent to good taste, which is more than enough. It’s always great to get some recommendations that turn out to be absolute gems. You get to geek out together over music that way.

I play the vast majority of my music on iTunes, despite it being a laggy piece of shit. Most of those plays gets recorded via my scrobbler, which in turn aggregates all the data on That way I get to see recommendations based on what I listen to. I’ve found a good number of new bands this way.

Oh, and I’ve also found a lot of new music through friends too.

Consequence of Sound

The reviews on here are generally better on Pitchfork, though I don’t generally feel the same way they do about most albums. Still a good place to go through and find albums.

Rate Your Music

An obsessive music review community. I don’t bother using it because I don’t like the UI (Letterboxd trumps all), but it’s undeniably a great place to find very good reviews of very good music. Just try to avoid the circlejerks.

Well, back when I was an active member at least. I’ve let my ratios slip abysmally.


I rarely find music through this to be honest. When I do, they’re typically local or regional acts who would be a lot harder to find otherwise.

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