high street bitch


November 14, 2014 by Wayne.

it’s only partially true that she’s crazy.
well, alright
alright, she’s fucking something else
– someone else
and she has a checkbook of porcelain lovers
and she’s downed enough dicks to fill MOMA
and she’s established a veritable network
of eskimo brothers
and she’s a duplicitous, hypocritical

but that just glosses over the fact that
what she said was true
the whole
degenerate contrarion who derives identity
from the central tenet of condescension
yeah yeah, all that
the most perfunctory sort of truth, sure
but not all truths have to be revelations
time-removed from the fact though, it really
isn’t much of a thing to say at all
it’s a pointless observation if it’s
already been made countless times

the thing is
she isn’t very complex at all
fuck her facade of slouched, shrugged shoulders under draped cardigans and menthol and
the mess of colour coated hair and the tumblr-pastiche attitude: I’m here to fuck not to love + listlessness and restlessness + i like black things
and her self-aware juxtaposition of
smiling at enough people while grinning to herself in smug aerial detachment
yep, no one sees through that
no one sees that
she’s the same thoughtcatalog shit she decries
she’s the same basic bitch with bargain-bin high waisted cutoffs
because she totally can’t afford her true style yo
she’s the same mid-20 mid-lifer who skims through the most
popular works of philosophers she sees quotes of on tumblr
and nods along to the pages
and wow that bukowski bloke wow he’s really something
she too would have dickrode taolin and jump off in disgust
if she knew about him

fuck it, she’s nothing much.

second-rate hack, lips twitching silently for intercession
fingers fidgeting on crunched fag-ends and martini stems
typing out a marginally successful turn of phrase
in between banal one-meaning lines of observational prose
says she doesn’t know shit which really just means
you’re not allowed to call her out on not knowing shit
she’s just perfectly content with internally assuming otherwise

i hope you’re reading this, because the last few lines are for you

if you want to play, i’m game
but you should know what you’re getting into, that’s all.
i suggest you start fingering your rosary instead
my feature piece will fucking feature pieces
i will end your shitsmear of a life before it’s even begun
that’s all.

6 thoughts on “high street bitch

  1. V says:


    I like your deftness with words, but I must ask

    why the misogyny? Or the facade of?

    (referring to your other – I’ve not read all – poems, too.)

    • Wayne. says:


      I think that’s a fair question but I…mainly write about personal things/events/relationships, and that usually ends up with me whining about (and insulting) women. Not women as in the general womankind, mind you, just the few who’ve hurt me.

      So yeah, I guess there are gender-specific insults, but I’ve never set out writing anything with a particular hatred for women in mind. If anything, I hate the general hazy gender-group of “men” more than women.

      With this one in particular, it’s aimed at a certain someone I assumed was a friend. With most of the others (although I’m kind of wondering which ones came off as particularly misogynistic – can’t just be me being spiteful about things in relationships), there’s usually a secondary aspect to it where I acknowledge that it’s a biased perspective and that I’m typically the real one at fault. Although it’s doubtful if that really comes across.

      I dunno. It’s a good question.

      • V says:

        I realise that taking stabs is a mean thing to do with the security (misplaced or otherwise) of internet anonymity. When I said misogyny I was referring more to cynicism, and yes, it’s ridiculous to accuse a poet of being cynical (or angry).

        The ‘being spiteful about things in relationships’ comes across more clearly that the insight about being ‘the real one at fault’, although it’s really your call on which way your story spins so I can’t comment too much on that.

        Write on.

        • Wayne. says:

          I appreciate the criticism/remark/observation actually. While poetry is an inherently personal art form, I’ve often wondered if I’ve become too abstruse and insular in what I write. With that in mind, it’s great to get feedback and understand how different people perceive my stuff.

          As for anonymity…I have your IP and email addresses, shouldn’t be too difficult to find out who you are if I really wanted to. More interested though in how you actually found this blog – mind sharing? 🙂

          • V says:

            Was looking MJ up on the Internet and came across your blogs. Liked the writing and the regular updates so stuck around. I don’t know you personally.

            The back alley stories are sometimes so unexpected that they seem a bit useless in the possession, don’t they?

            Liked the latest poem, by the way. More introspection than insular. Just a comment though; don’t start writing for your audience, whether many or one.

            • Wayne. says:

              That’s…yeah, that’s unexpected. Haha. And also slightly amusing because the last time I talked to her was like 3 years ago when she appeared and said she found me by searching for her own name.

              Thanks for all the comments. 🙂

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