Directions to Fort Monk

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September 28, 2014 by Wayne.

You’re going t’need to turn back now, to the gas stop,
and then it’s northwest right down the 102
Take the third – or fourth – left, uh, s’the one before the bridge, yeah,
then you go straight, and
stop at the strip mall. He’ll be at the hair salon.
Can smile him a mile off, slicks his hair with that –
smells of coconut and thymeberry, and wild punch,
he’ll show you through the thicket at the back.

Follow t’trail, you’ll be going in from the south
Easy going mostly, we cleared it through the first time
So after an hour or so, there should be a crossroads, with a blackened stump
in the middle of the path
Take the left
And if you run into any blokes, black markings on their faces, you kill those sons of fucks, right
Fucking gut them before they see you, don’t give them a fuckin-
KY and Fiq tried to reason with them, you know how that went

The trail dies off couple k-m from t’base, so once it peters out, you make sure yhead the right way, just clear the path if there’s shit in the way, yeah, don’t veer off
The first tower won’t have lights out, so you’ve got to spot em first, look for it when it starts getting steeper
You take that, and we’re through, yeah?
Don’t fuck t’sup, please.

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