Malaysian Artistes


September 25, 2014 by Wayne.

The ones actively gigging/recording that I know of (and enjoy), at least. Will try my best to pair them with short genre descriptions and sample songs. Also, check out my previous list on artistes I’ve watched

+2dB Genre: Downtempo electronica/chillwave

Similar to: Portishead + James Blake – Burial

Sample: Get Lucky / Doin It Right. If you haven’t already watched this, that is. Went huge when it came out.

Ali Aiman Genre: Downtempo pop

Similar to: (Washed Out + Frank Ocean) / Wildlight

Sample: Breathe

Citizens of Ice Cream

Genre: Post-rock with mathy leanings

Similar to: Tortoise + Caspian + trumpets – Nao

Sample: Life is Short

Dirgahayu Genre: Post-harcore + post-rock

Similar to: Russian Circles + Kyuss + Alcest – This Will Destroy You

Sample: Bahawasa-nya

Froya Genre: Pop

Similar to: Amy MacDonald + Yuna (in her upbeat tunes) – Norah Jones

Sample: Uncomprehended Child

Jose Thomas Band Genre: Jam band

Similar to: Jam bands

Sample: bluesy jazz jam band jam

Liyana Fizi Genre: Malaysia’s darling. Folk + jazz leanings + waifucore

Similar to: Norah Jones + Michelle Branch

Sample: Doa Buat Kekasih


Genre: Experimental math-rock + heavy post-rock atmosphere

Similar to: Faust + Duck Fight Goose + World’s End Girlfriend – System of a Down

Sample: Into the Wild

OJ Law Genre: synth-pop with indie leanings

Similar to: Capital Cities

Sample: Tongue-tied 

The Venopian Solitude Genre: anti-folk

Similar to: The Venopian Solitude

Sample: Tenangkan Bontot Anda

Watchkeeper Genre: shitcore

Similar to: a caterwauling cat + out-of-tune guitar – drums

Sample: covers

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