Kristine, she dreams in blue.

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September 25, 2014 by Wayne.

oh, tender avarice.
it’s so fucking crazy, I swear
culture in the globalized context – no,
those are just words, not just-words, mind you, but
attempts to stave off the silence in hurried chats over coffee
we – the working class – for Christ’s sake
fuck your tacit acceptance of the workweek
grovelling servitude at the altar of labour
you we don’t know shit, and you’re wasting it with…this

But no.
Let’s not be so juvenile.
Let those who wish to function, function.
There is no shame in not wishing to ponder
and prattle on about
capitalism, capitalism, and Zizek
Is that all we’re trying to say?
It’s so confusing.

it’s been four months. i’ve read and thought about things.
i’ve written about self-actualization, or at least i think i did.
looking back, i’m not too sure. shouldn’t have been so vague, maybe
i’ve tried to challenge the specter of industry, but
there’s no escaping the deepening dread
the societal seed sprouting, sheltered and unexposed, but nevertheless thriving, thriving
fuck it all, yeah?

It’s not so easy.

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