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September 4, 2014 by Wayne.

oh, you know
at the summit, I stood in high nakedness
the wind through loose leaves and
undulating soil, and
this way and that, in the confusion,
I broke branches off and crouched to the ground,
watched the families crawl their way up
squinting in the sun

Just say you love me,
you don’t have to fucking mean it
I waited until I grew tired of
looking like a fucking idiot
thinking of the bitterest things I could say
watching kids run up and down and scream or whatever the fuck it is they do

Look where we could go, I said
I know it isn’t much, but at least we would be

I watched the mie scattering blot the sky
the crowd thinning down to the few fuckheads staring out through binocular hands
and grew comfortable on my thatched ground
the roots creeping through the dead branches and fingers
I watched the people come and go,
and I wondered if I should leave
But I’d already poured so much time into this stupid shit,
might as well

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