But mom, feelings are for faggots.

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August 15, 2014 by Wayne.

a quick trick:

take root in dunes, smooth dry sand, or firmer grounds
where river systems exchange pleasantries in trickles
and chafe at their silent, still borders
wait for the filtered sounds of dissent
how do the enzymes know what to be? a red-
eyed fly makes a
red-eyed fly baby,
and so the information for the whole pattern of
enzymes to make red pigment must be passed
from one fly to the next.

She was
this and that
it’s not inconsequential, but
what time-frame are we talking about here
Forget that. Forget her.

Instead, I kept playing. I stared above their glazed eyes and confused smiles; the bottom of my lip jutting out in frustrated concentration, middle finger hammering and pulling on the third string furiously. Ignored the buzzing of the thick E as I sloppily switched frets. The sound was muddy and middly, and I was sweating now,

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