Coincidentally, Fuck You (Demo 2)

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August 1, 2014 by Wayne.

Prior to today, I hadn’t touched my guitar for about 2 months or so. Decided to record an old song in about 1 hour, although I’ve scheduled this one in with all the others due for a rewrite (welcome to the never-moving to-do list). Pretty shitty experience. Turns out another of my guitar cable’s not functioning anymore so that’s another RM60 to shill out. Ah well.

Also, need to get my guitar checked up. Malfunctioning pickup or whatever the fuck, as you can hear from all the buzzing



Well, fear is not a friend
It comes around at night, it wraps me in its arms, it tells me that it’s right
Right to trust this thing, right to just give in, right to just not fight
Then it leaves before I wake
It leaves through dreams and sleep
While I whisper out your name

Can I still come in?
Can you still see me
The way I used to be?
I say this to my face, but it turns away, there’s nothing it needs to say, as I’ve done this all before
And nothing’s really changed
So don’t count on me to learn

And now I understand why you recoiled in grace
At the promise of safety
Cos you saw through my dreams and my cute magazines
And you left me here

When I am weak
Just pump that shit right through
Shoot it to my veins
A dis-ease I can’t laugh off
Or push to my blind spot,
the only place you’re not,
not watching me devolve
Darling, you’re so wise
Drawn in by your advice
And now you let me drown
Drown in these thoughts of you

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