Info Digest #3

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July 8, 2014 by Wayne.

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Why dads tell dad jokes (short, simple, and sweet!)

Golden parachutes and the agent-principal problem

Why are CEOs paid so much in severance? A concise description of one of the first things you learn in econs/corp finance

What the hell do bankers do?

Another great, concise read for those unexposed to global/investment banking.

Love after loss

“Grief is often the price we pay for love.” Sometimes people are meant to teach us lessons, not be our life partner.

Professionals win points, amateurs lose them.

David Benatar: Don’t have any children!

Tracking the appropriation of the word “artisanal”

– Sex: Will humans ever be liberated from basic biological needs that drove our evolutionary past?


A fascinating look at (the myth of) true love

Magical thinking in science



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