Info Digest #1

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July 6, 2014 by Wayne.

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Clickbait keeps you uninformed.

The result of forgoing nuance and depth: the Buzzfeed-style approach to “journalism” results in dumbing down highly complex issues to supposedly binary problems. See here for further discussions on journalistic integrity, quality of reporting etc, especially with regards to Vice which attracts large number of viewers at the expense of proper representation

Climate change – the time for talk is over.

Putting aside all the issues of lobbying, sponsored “research” etc, climate change is interesting because it brings up the issue of news (and other media channels) trying to be “unbiased” by presenting “both sides” of a problem, when typically one of the sides is both very-mistaken and very-fringe

Cunningham’s Law

“People online don’t generally want to be helpful, they want to be the smartest person in the room.”

Economics does not exist in a vacuum without politics

The divisions in academia should be mainly seen as different ways of approaching/framing issues. In real life, they’re greatly interconnected (see: neo-con agenda, neo-liberals, literally every political faction)


Google experts vs actual research


How to spot an abusive/manipulative partner

– Humans are, to varying degrees, naturally inclined to: (i) form a special bond with a sexual partner to whom they promise fidelity and usually mean it; (ii) demand fidelity of the partner and experience severe distress at evidence of infidelity; (iii) cheat on the partner.

And why something being statistically normal doesn’t make it morally right or “healthy”.

– Intimacy is a huge factor in why men crave relationships, since society has an extremely strong stigma against men opening up to women

Putting women on a pedestal

The notion goes further than simply idolizing the ‘idea’ of a perfect woman. “You never see that pedestal being built because it is built in the minds of these men. You only see it being torn down. Because we are not allowed to be seen building it. The building up of it is a sign of weakness… and God forbid a man be weak.

Should rape be removed as a capital offence?

Countries which execute for rape see a lot more of the victims murdered by their attackers-because at that point, it’s better not to have a witness to identify them.


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