Glastonbury 2014

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July 2, 2014 by Wayne.

Thanks to the based BBC streams and other youtube uploads, I’ve actually managed to catch a good number of the performances this year!

Here’s a list of performances that I wish I caught in person (video links included for all of em, photos for the most-wanted):

All We Are


Anna Calvi

Really tiny crowd, which is kind of to be expected with so many concurrent acts going on at the time. Apparently she was at Laneway 2 years ago wtf. Anyway, great performance by her regardless. Here’s a vid of Eliza


Annie Eve

Part of the latest wave of (neo-) folk, and one of the brightest stars.

Arcade Fire

Ah yes, Arcade Fire. I’d watch them if no better bands were around at the same time. Can’t deny they pulled out all the stops though, visual performance wise. Check out Reflektor. Pretty much the same as all live vids I’ve watched of them: utterly boring but, at the same time, quite the visual spectacle. No doubt it’d be pretty cool to dance along if I were actually there though


SHE’S STILL GOT ITTTTT! ATOMIC. She’s almost 70? Insane. I watched the whole set and it was a blast.

Bombay Bicycle Club

Not the biggest fan, but their latest album was actually (very) good. Would be tempted. Carry me


Downtempo IDM? Glitch? Chillwave? I DUNNO LOL but I love his shit. Groove along to Cirrus here

Chance the Rapper

One of the best of 2013.


I have an unhealthy obsession with Chvrches. AND IF I RECOVER WILL YOU BE MY COMFORT

In pretty much every live video I’ve watched, Lauren always seems to sing a tiny, tiny bit ahead of the beat. Kinda annoying. OH WHAT, LAUREN’S DOING JOLENE? I LOVE YOU

Dolly Parton

How not to list her here? Read so many rave reviews about her performance. And rightfully so. The Benny Hill on sax was fucking hilarious. Jolene was incredible. I need that Dolly Parton x Lauren Mayberry x Jack White collab NOW

Seriously, her set blew me away (like Blondie’s).


“The Take Off and Landing of Everything” will be in my upcoming list of top 500 albums. Just saying.

New York Morning during sunset. Beautiful.

Four Tet

This nigga does post-dub while drawing from jazz and chillwave and fuck knows what else. Great stuff. Parallel Jalebi


Tales Of Us was fantastic. Goldfrapp’s set looked super fun too. Sex-dance music.


I’m actually not that huge a fan of them, but hey, bass faces, fun catchy non-saccharine songs, why not right?


Er if you don’t know Interpol, there’s not much hope for you lol. The godfather of the post-punk revival that grew out of the new wave. Anywhere.

Jagwar Ma

YESSSSSSSSSSSS. And with Stella from Warpaint on drums! How to not love this?

James Blake

Incredible performance. Retrograde was next-level stellar.

Jamie xx

No videos, but I took the opportunity to listen to this gem 

John Grant

Formerly of the Czars, now does post-folk kinda shit


Food is one of the best albums of 2014. Get on this shit. Friday Fish Fry is a banger.

Lucy Rose

Because I ditched her when she came to KL, and went to watch Tricot instead. Not that I regret it haha Tricot was amazing! Lucy Rose is fantastic too though. Get that next album out, Lucy!

Lykke Li

She gets better with each passing year. No rest for the wicked.

Massive Attack

No BBC clips of them on Youtube unfortunately. But this short snippet is enough. A must watch, surely.


English Riviera, Love Letters, Nights Out, love em all. HERE WE GO!


No mythologies, no videos. Is okay, still amazing band.


Was iffy on them (sub-par post-rock for the most part), but I’m officially striking them off after reading about the dumbfuck drummer insulting Metallica

Newton Faulkner

I remember when this son of a bitch was on one of my guitar mags. Amazing then, amazing now. Can’t really find clips, so here’s him at T in the Park 2010. Crowds at T in the Park are generally much better than Glastonbury anyway. I loved Biffy Clyro’s performances there.

4:00 onwards is mind-blowingly amazing. Fucking hell, imagine being there. Fuck it, linking directly here

Paolo Nutini

Caustic Love was fantastic. And he absolutely killed it at Glastonbury. Check out this awesome performance of Iron Sky

Parquet Courts

Sunbathing animal. Indie punk. Thee Oh Sees meets Kurt Vile meets Foxygen. BLACK AND WHITE


Looking for some shivers? Crowd actually good on this one. But not quite as good as the performance they did with Placebo.


Chain my name.

Rodrigo y Gabriela

In a way, I feel like I’ve grown up listening to these two genii (at the very least, I’ve been listening to them my whole music-life, since my preoccupation with dadrock). They’re still as great as ever. Here’s Tamacun, motherfuckers


Meme liquid drum & bass. DM; still dope

St. Vincent

Oh, Annie Clark. Bjork aint got shit on you. Out wirey hair, in digital witness.

The Internet


The War on Drugs

Lost in the Dream is one of the AOTY for sure, but I can’t find a BBC clip of the Glastonbury performance. Oh well. KRCW to the rescue.


I refuse to spell their name with the stupid random capitalization. Shit, whole set looked fun af though.


Please, please come back to KL. Still one of my favourite gigs of all time.

Wild Beasts

tfw present tense



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