Wardrobe Wishlist (Part 3)

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June 27, 2014 by Wayne.

Part One can be found here!

And Part Two is here.

– A sort of modern fishtail parka. I wonder if fishtails are still being hyped? I know they were massive about 9-12 months ago, not sure if it’s completely died down though. Whatevs. I found most of the camo-appropriated ones really ugly, unlike this gorgeous specimen.

– As mentioned repeatedly in previous installments, the numero uno commandment of the wardrobe wishlist is: you can never have too many Common Projects. Navy. Suede. Hi-tops. Would kop the shit out of this, and that’s bearing in mind that I’m a stunted dwarf and hi-tops horrendously accentuate my deficiency in the height department.

– Julius scarf, I believe. I also believe I need it in my life. And hey, throw in the shirt too. Hard to find one with nice stacking sleeves like that.

– A lightweight mesh knit like this would be fantastic. Especially one with no buttons/clasps etc

– Indigo terry lounge pants from Wings + Horns, still one of my favourite brands out there. Can’t beat their quality of construction and fit for the price. Plus, their loopwheeled cotton stuff opened up a whole new world for me.

And if you’re going to get lounge pants, might as well get dope ones eh? Toss-up between this pair and the Alexander Wang ones I tried on in Edmonton. Those were crazy comfy too.


– I’ve had this photo in my collection for ages. I still love it. Perfect layering to me. I’d love the long sleeve crewneck and the cotton jersey blazer. Interestingly, the (discontinued) blazer was up for sale on SF once. Only $200 or so too. Would have jumped on it instantly but it was a size too large. That was a sad, sad, sad day.

Oh, and it’s Wings + Horns obviously.

The new patchwork sashiko blazer wouldn’t be a bad alternative.


– Schneider shirt. Perfection. Not much else to say.

– Wolf v Goat navy chino. 10 oz. sanded cotton duck canvas. Garment dyed. Gorgeous. I’ve a pair of wolfberry chinos from WvG that I no longer fit into, but they were one of the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn. The fit was incredible.

– The legendary Wings + Horns loopwheeled cotton hoodie. Doesn’t get much better than this, really. I’ve gone through about 3 W+H hoodies and they’ve all been amazing – although I only have one lightweight one with me at the moment, and it’s one size too large UGHHHHH.

Actually, I think I’ve tried 4 of them, not 3. Pretty sure I had one in light blue too.

For those groceries and beer runs.

– Go hard? Go hard. W+H enzyme wash terry hoodie. Killer.

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