Wardrobe Wishlist (Part 2)

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June 25, 2014 by Wayne.

Part One can be found here!

– Oh God, the Jil marble suit. Grail. Holy fucking grail. Would never wear the full suit, but I’ve always wanted the separates.

– Maroon-oxblood suit. Suede? Maybe. Super 120s+ would be good too, I suppose. Two button, as always. Notch lapel, the works. Bespoke. For social events, yknow?

– A green blazer. Something a bit darker would be preferable. Hunter green? Yeah. Maybe in a real lightweight suede. That’d be swell.

– Yeah, I want that blazer. Unstructured. Cotton/linen. Small and high breast pocket. Working sleeve buttons?! Okay, maybe not. But whatevs, I need that. Throw that shit over a white T and shorts and I’ve got my beachwear.

I do, also, want the shirt. Looks really familiar but can’t seem to place it at the moment. Anyway, love the contrast and the small button-down collar. Although, am I too late for floral? Do I care? No.

– Oh wait, now this is acetate, right? Yeah. I need this.

– More Common Projects! But of course. One can never have enough of em. Suede this time, in…sand? Tan? Not sure what you call it, to be honest.

– Lightweight MA-1. This one looks like some sort of really thin canvas. Great 1st layer/windbreaker. The sort of shit I’d throw over when running out to buy groceries during the colder days of fall. Big fan of the contrast collar too. Reminds me of the Uniqlo jacket I used to have.

– And for more heavy duty weather, here’s a next level piece from Undercoverism (right? I’m quite sure it is!). Great colour, great fit, great detailing. Looks comfy as fuck to wear, too. You will be my companion in Canadian winters, oh great parka.

– Sure, I’m more of a silk fanboy, but I’d be an idiot to pass up on this beaut. Stunning stuff, that speckled donegal…cashmere. Drooling just looking at it.

– Ah yes, double monkstraps. Pretty essential for the shoe rotation. I’d get a pair in oxblood and one in dark brown. Maybe eschew the brogueing on one/both.

TOJ0. I’ll never forget my first (and only) TOJ piece – a black/white varsity jacket that fit so well I almost wept. Creamy leather sleeves, snug armholes, OH GOD. It’s way past the varsity period, but I guess there’s no harm wearing it out once or twice, right?

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