Wardrobe Wishlist (Part 1)

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June 23, 2014 by Wayne.

A slightly outdated guide to menswear clothing brands can be found here.

– Navy suede cap. I believe this one is by Ervell. Would like a slightly more structured one (5 panel?) but obviously without tacky brand labels. Also, an undyed leather strap would be quite nice.

Secondary cap for rotation would be something a bit crazier, like this bish

– The infamous Zegna silk seersucker suit. Not much to say, really. I’ve wanted it since I saw it.

– The minimalist double rider from John Coppidge – originally known as Temple of Jawnz. Fairytale story really, started out selling primarily to sufu and styleforum, and now it’s relatively burgeoning. Plus one of the dudes has a restaurant and shiz. Crazy stuff.

Cool thing about this double rider (besides the relatively cheap price, gorgeous fit and incredible quality): you can customize it to whatever the hell you want. For instance, lamb comes in sand tan, blue, black, brown, medium grey, olive green, bright whiskey, and toffee tan. There’s also goat, unglazed goat, calf, lamb suede and heavy calf suede – all with their own different colour choices available. Insanity.

Also, sateen lining and you get to choose from various types of YKK hardware (gunmetal, gold, silver, all-black).

Given carte blanche, I’d go for heavy calf suede in diesel blue and dark whisky, an oxblood calf, and lamb in medium grey.

– The discontinued quilted suede double rider. I believe this was a custom job – has to be the craziest, sexiest custom TOJ I’ve seen apart from that legendary Uncontrol anaconda one.

As far as suede riders go, this is the holy grail for me.

– Gotta have a backpack, right? Small one for walking about foreign cities and making bread and smoked meat runs. I did a feature on other cool backpacks before.

– Petrol blue sharkskin suit from Thick as Thieves. Made to measure.

– Boots? Gotta have boots.

– Midnight blue dinner jacket. Bespoke. Got a great deal more popular after Skyfall, thus the linked photo.

– Patent leather to go with dinner jacket wear. Necessity.

– Common Projects Achilles Vintage Lows. Sneaker staple. If you haven’t tried CPs, you’re really missing out. It’s not (just) one of the SF (formerly) popular circlejerks – it’s genuinely close to impossible to find shoes like this. Clean, free of shitty branding and labels, with an unmatched slim profile. The leather’s tougher than Margiela’s which means it takes longer to break in but is also a good deal more hardy. Stains fairly easily (to be expected, right? It’s white) but seems almost impervious to scuffs and scratches. Chances are your strings will get all worn out before the leather shows much sign of wear.

Would gladly wear solely (lol) CPs and GATs for the rest of my casual-shoes life.

…and speaking of the devil: The Margiela creme white leather lows. Iconic. Stunning. Ridiculously comfortable – they’ve spoiled all standards of sneaker comfort for me.

Downsides? They get beaten up really easily. My white leather looks horrendous, but at least it’s still surviving (sorta). Probably need to get it fixed up. Somehow. Black canvas ones still going good, but they’ve also seen considerably less wear, so there’s that.

I’m not content to stick solely (lol again) to white, of course. Tan looks a treat:

as does this gorgeous (oxblood?) colourway:

– Unless I’m grossly mistaken, this is an SNS Herning knit. Stunning. Really sad I’ve never had the pleasure of owning a piece. Though an Inverallan would be a similar dream come true! Ah well. Knits, eh.

– This shirt. It’s right from one of my favourite Stephan Schneider collections. Good Christ, just look at it. The departure from club collar but still tiny collar, the rippling texture, the precise geometry. Lord.

– I could do with new glasses. Are these acetate? I don’t know. Should they be? Probably.

– Gotta be ostentatious sometimes, right? The (in)famous Raf Simons gold chain derbies. I mean, as far as fads go, this is a good deal better than the atrocious looking Prada brogue creepers. IMO.

– Minimalist watch. So, like my Timex, except it doesn’t look cheap af. Never been a big fan of expensive and incredibly ugly watches, so realistically I’ll probably go for Uniform Wares or something once I have the money for it. Not sure what brand is depicted above.

– Subtle two-tone cardigan, in the perfect drapey cut I’m looking for. Absolutely gorgeous. Not sure what the fabric is, maybe a mohair-wool blend? That’d be nice.

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