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April 22, 2014 by Wayne.

Given the explosion of information etc, pretty inevitable that Moyes will either be sacked within the next few days or by the end of the season. The club’s probably already sent out feelers to new potential managers a while back, and will be looking to secure them now.

If you’re out of the loop of the whole thing, see this article about the timing etc of the announcement.

I’ve never been #moyesout the entire season despite the incredible fall from the top and the consistently shit displays. That second point’s mainly because we’ve been playing pretty terribly the last few seasons anyway.

But I backed Moyes to succeed because he was our manager, the same way I’ll back every future manager of United.

That’s not to say he was blameless, of course. A couple of key problems were:

  • Not retaining the backroom staff, coaches etc. – I distinctly remember posting and worrying about it on Facebook. I did however think that having Giggs as a player-coach would ease the transition. Obviously not, since it seems pretty certain that Giggs turned against Moyes
  • Lack of shape in the final third – And not in the good way. Our strikers have mostly looked hapless this season. Goldenballs Rooney was beyond woeful against Everton, dropping repeatedly to pick up the ball and pushing into everyone else’s space. Yes, Rooney puts in a shift, and it looks good Ji Sung-ing everywhere at once, but you really don’t want your forward to be doing that. RVP hasn’t been much better this year, complaining about teammates crowding his space without actually providing any incision. His finishing has been awful.
  • Failure to address our key problems of last yearSee here for the article I wrote before the season started. We’ve only regressed since then. A few stellar performances aside (think: Giggs), the central midfield has further declined. And that’s after buying Sideshow Bob for nearly 30 million. Beyond looking like he’s going to foul every time he moves, Fellaini has been abject against larger sides. I would argue that a key factor is his lack of understanding of space. Carrick has underperformed greatly this season, but he’s still moved around to cut off key passes when he’s played. That’s more than you can say of Fellaini in the big matches.

A huge portion of the blame has to lie on the players, though. Pretty apparent that they didn’t buy in to Moyes and didn’t give a fuck.

So who will we move for? I don’t know. Will we improve next season? I don’t know. I can’t even tell who’s been good enough this season to deserve their spot in United. De Gea, Jones, Smalling at center back, Rooney (ugh)? That’s about it, really. Maybe Januzaj for a few good performances at the start of the season.

PS anyone happy about the Cleverley rumour is an idiot. We absolutely have to hold on to him and see how the next manager wants us to play. He’ll be an important cog in a quick pass-and-play side (though I doubt we’ll be able to play with any real speed with this current squad).

Not covering much new ground in this post, mostly because I just woke up, a tiny bit because I have finals to study for, and a tinier bit because I’m just waiting to see how everything unfolds. Pity about Moyes, he seems like a nice guy. Evertonians have been real cunts to him. Typically Scousers.

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