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April 11, 2014 by Wayne.

cough and keep speaking

To Be Accessible:

you were a lisp.
the drawls around vowels that caught out non-natives
enunciation without projection
projection without a concrete idea,
just ideals and concepts,
the roll of the tongue snapping across the palate
the curves and colours of snuggling and warmth
the exchanging of niceties until eventually the corners of your mouth drop from the strain of fabricated mirth
and your eyes move, sideways, moving away, already gone and back to smiling, moving
into words
words to flesh out thoughts and skeletal saviours
just feed me attention
give life to questions
inflections to wishes
synonyms to: i fucking need you right now,
let me be selfish,
i don’t know any other way to be, so please
it’ll work this time !
come back and make up a goodbye at least

clipped words over peaks of
(incontrovertible ennui?)
you’re just words, just sounds,
consensus of meaning
never expressing, just
speaking in passed-down tongues
analyzing the failure to be a self


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