Not A Song About Yy

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March 23, 2014 by Wayne.

Prior to Thursday’s ‘session’, I had a single recording of this song (which I’d made on my Nokia years back). Decided it could do with a slightly better audio quality, so I broke out the shitty gear for a short round of recording

Probably wrote this some time between Cold Comfort for Change and Vacancy. Kept everything intact (lyrics included), but I suppose it could do with a rework in the future.

it makes me oscillate
between love and hate
see it wasn’t my choice
to spring this surprise
i told her hold me tight
she said we’ll drift apart
i looked into her eyes
fuck, i don’t know what i saw

what do i want / what do i know
can’t really tell my highs from lows
she says “i’m sick”
i say it’s not my fault
she pushes me against the wall and
snakes her hand across my jeans

it’s a song to end all songs
to take some pills to go to bed
to take some more to stay awake
no it’s not my life, i’m alright

now i’m in her mouth
and i catch my breath
and i blink my eyes
and i’m on my bed
i try to look around
all i see is black
shades of darkness
painted by her (holy fuck write better lyrics man
i do man but i was 16 man

and i dont mean to push you away it’s not like you’re even still here but every time i wipe your spittle off the corners of my mouth (or open my phone and stare at your fucking whatsapp photo that you’ve finally decided to fucking add once i’ve stopped messaging you) you whisper right into my ear
and i can’t hear any fucking thing you say, so

now she’s in my mouth
and i don’t make a sound
she pulls herself away
and tries to bring me around
i say please go away she looks me in the eye she says i know why you still want me

oh, and it’s about mj obviously

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