probuilds of a (former)1200 mmr player

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February 11, 2014 by Wayne.

It was a long and arduous grind to reach these heights. But it’s true, I’ve retired from the game (temporarily, I hope).

Anyway, here are a couple of the heroes I used to play (most of my fave heroes not on list since they’re built pretty straight forward), and the item builds for some of them. With practice, and these builds, you too can reach 1200+ mmr

1 point in helix, 1 point in battle hunger, 1 point in call, then max battle hunger
Hunger gives you so much more in lane, especially against a melee carry. If he tries to go to dispell the Hunger, step up and draw aggro to helix him.
Since you’ll be looking to abuse Hunger as much as possible, you’ll need to be able to sustain the mana requirements. Typically, go for:
Stick -> arcane boots -> Wand
Then move on to ring of health or drums depending on the situation. Next would be blink if you have teammates who can quickly dish out damage once you initiate. If the other team has lots of nukes, might be better to build pipe (or hood first) before going on to Blink. Additionally, you can build an early Eul’s/Urn if you’re dominating the lane. Once those items are done, your major item would be either Bloodstone or Aghanim’s, at which point you’ll probably be at the end of your effectiveness period (Axe fades fast post mid-game)
Play aggressive with a disabling/nuking lane partner and spam Hunger to dominate lane.

Bounty Hunter:
Early 6 slots – Phase boots, Poor Man’s Shield, Wand, Urn, Drums, Medallion
Final 6 slots – Phase boots, Vlad’s, Drums, Urn, Desolator, BKB/Orchid/Diffusal

Your job is to get tracks off as much as possible, and do burst damage once you can confirm a follow up from the team

Arcanes, Hood, Blink, heart, helm of dominator, stack hearts

Death Prophet:
Arcanes, Eul’s, force staff, rod of atos, shadow blade (situational), boots of travel & refresher late game
Rush drums before eul’s if you’re playing from behind
Bloodstone is typically overkill, you really don’t need that much mana regen. Eul’s and force staff give you more than enough.

Faceless Void:
Fave carry but requires a good lane support or two to help you farm as much as possible.
Start with stout shield, tango, salve, branches
Get quelling blade from side shop asap, then send midas recipe via courier. Complete midas before 7-8min, stay in lane – use midas on enemy creeps. Courier over salves as necessary.
Finish poor man’s shield, then ring of health, then power treads
Note: If you’re controlling lane (read: not taking too much harass, not dying at all etc), rushing mask of madness immediately after PMS can lead to an early kill once you have chronosphere. If the other team doesn’t have a lot of ranged nukes/potential to hurt you during chrono, MoM isn’t a bad option really. Essentially you’re using it to make up for the shit ASPD at low levels, not for the lifesteal.
Get Maelstrom and BKB and you can start joining in at the end of teamfights to get some pickup kills. Farm constantly during downtime, pick up yasha, crit, then MKB/Butterfly depending on other team’s carry.

Magic wand, Urn, Drums, Force Staff, Mana Boots, Atos, Scythe, Mek, Necronomicon
(insta-kill once 450 hp left – lvl 1 ulti, 540 for lvl 2)
(if mid, ward opposite bank to keep mana drain on. Some people skip mana drain of course. Up to you lor)

Go mid. He can do decently well against a lot of mids, especially if you have slightly decent micro skills.
Stout shield, bottle, treads, vlads, then necronomicon, then BKB and AC. Ult works on wolves and summons btw.
Once you complete Vlads, smoke and Roshan. Then start pushing every tower. Use ult primarily to escape.

Don’t play him as a fucking support la, he has one shitty healing spell and no disables. Use him as a carry-tank that wades around mid battle and outlasts everyone (basically like a less fun Undying)
Arcanes, magic wand, Mek, shiva’s, ghost scepter (situational), heart, hood
Drums if playing from behind

Pick against farming mid (OD, viper etc). boots lvl 1 for full static link, ward mid

Really fun if you build as a late game carry that destroys bases in seconds.
Early rush midas, then complete treads. Finish agh, then yasha, and you’re in business. Run in, ava and toss, hit away. Go on to build manta, crit and butterfly/bkb if you have time left in the game

Bottle, Arcane Boots, Force Staff, Eul’s, Refresher Orb, Agh
Arc – Bolt – Passive – Bolt – Bolt – Ulti – Bolt – Arc – Arc – Arc – Ulti – Passive

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