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January 26, 2014 by Wayne.

Basically what I’ve been saying to myself every day since September.

It’s just – jesus, there’s so much to do. The stockpile of untouched loot from book sales, the stack of guitar magazines on the shelves, guitar tabs on neglected tabs, poems to write, poems that AREN’T about heartbreak to write, 224 movies to watch, 374 albums to listen to, Instapaper backlog of surely at least 1000 articles by now, that sort of shit.

Oh, and there’s the wee problem of studying, namely (i) when am I going to start? and (ii) am I going to graduate if I don’t start right fucking now (spoiler alert: no)? Another list of things to read and understand and practice – but despite all that shit, fuck it, I’m going to start (semi-regularly) writing some actual blog posts. Thanks basedaphne.

In this week’s edition of Fucking With Words, let us consider the Grammys.

obligatory notice: the grammys aren’t considered relevant by anyone who gives a shit about music

I probably should get everything of substance out of the way first, so: The Grammys is mostly a mix between a popularity and a sales competition, has been bullshit perhaps since its inception, and discussing its merit is like having a rational argument about religion – you’re granting it legitimacy by even having a discourse (Dawkins: what they want is the oxygen of respectability).

2013 was, of course, a great year for music (check out the best albums here), and it’s kind of a shame that a majority of the Grammy-watching proles will miss out on all that good music.

But anyway, to kill some time, I’ll be choosing personal favorites/most deserving from the list of nominees. If you can’t win, join them etc etc

Album of the Year: Good Kid, M.A.A.D City – Kendrick Lamar
Record of the Year: Get Lucky – Daft Punk
Okay, so apparently this one is for best production etc whereas Song of the Year is for best er songwriting. Right. More like a way for Bruno Mars to win two statues
Song of the Year: Royals – Lorde
Best New Artist: James Blake
Fresh new lad, where did he pop from?
Best Pop Solo Performance: Mirror – Justin Timberlake
Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: Get Lucky
Best Pop Vocal Album: Pure Heroine – Lorde
I enjoyed 20/20 a lot, but only the first part. The second album was pretty terrible, JT
Best Pop Instrumental Album: lel pop instrumental
Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: Cee Lo’s Magic Moment – Cee Lo Green
Best Dance/Electronica Album: Settle – Disclosure
Best Dance Recording: kek
Best Rock Performance: My God is the Sun – QOTSA
Best Rock Album: …Like Clockwork – QOTSA
Sorry, Bowie.
Best Metal Performance: T.N.T. – Anthrax
Best Rock Song: Cut Me Some Slack – Grohl, Paul, and buddies
Best Alternative Music Album: Trouble Will Find Me – The National
Okay, this was actually a tough one.
Best R&B Performance: How Many Drinks? – Miguel, Lamar
Best Urban Contemporary Album: wtf is this
Best R&B Album: Love in the Future – John Legend
Best Trad. R&B Performance: Hey Laura – Gregory Porter
Best Rap Performance: Swimming pools drank drank drank
Best Rap Album: Yeezus – Kanye West
Best Rap Song: New Slaves
Best Country Album: Same Trailer Different Park – Kacey Musgraves
Can I just state here that it is fucking insane Red is even in this category. I love Tswizz (okay, I love how she’s a perfect qt), but this is ridiculous even for the grammarys
Best New Age Album: Lux – Brian Eno
Not that I have any clue what new age is
Best Jazz Instrumental Album: what the hell, these are poor picks. Kenny Garrett, I guess?
Best Improvised Jazz Solo: Orbits – Wayne Shorter

anddd yeah fuck me, there are a million categories. How long do these grammy shows last anyway? Christ.

In other news, I’ve got my ticket for And So I Watch You From Afar. I’m ready, boys.

80% sure I’ll be picking up my Warpaint ticket soon. 12 Feb, here I come. Oh, and while the album is great, I preferred The Fool.

Recent media consumed:
Her, Warpaint, Inside Llewyn Davis, Loneliness is a Dirty MattressBloodsports, Gordon’s Great Escape, Souvlaki (demos), Lifetime Away, Love/Hate, Enough Said, Cole World, Short Term 12

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