Places To Eat (KL)

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January 11, 2014 by Wayne.

Not an exhaustive list, obviously – just a couple of notable places

Last updated: 26/4/2014

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Places to Try

  • Acme
  • Alexis
  • Anjappar
  • Antipodean
  • Ben’s General Food Store
  • Bumbu Desa
  • Coffea Coffee (pending demotion)
  • Coffee Societe
  • Daily Grind
  • Daorae (pending demotion)
  • Fahrenheit 600
  • Fierce Curry House
  • Garage 51
  • Garuda Emas
  • Inside Scoop
  • Ippudo Ramen
  • Jalan Batai hawker
  • Kader
  • KGB
  • La Creperie
  • Lids & Finch
  • Mahbub
  • Marutama Ramen
  • Mi Na Rae
  • Milk + Butter (pending demotion)
  • Mulberry
  • My Coffee Cafe
  • Nihon Kai
  • Nirwana
  • Nowhereman Cafe (think it’s closed)
  • Nosh
  • Nutmeg
  • Ori Udon
  • Pulp
  • Royal Post
  • Senjyu
  • Shin Kee Beef Ball Noodles
  • Sitka
  • Some van near Wisma – Ayam Goreng Kunyit
  • Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles
  • Swich (now Zeelicious – pending demotion)
  • Tajuddin Briyani
  • Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf
  • Tou Tou Little Kitchen
  • VCR
  • Village Park (pending demotion)
  • WIP
  • Yeast
  • Yut Kee

Places to Avoid

Baba Low’s, Indian Kitchen, My Burger Lab, Plan B, Super Kitchen, Sushi Zanmai, Syed, Village Park


– Acme Bar & Coffee
Awesome sizzling brownies! Main dishes are hit and miss.

– Alexis, Telawi
Nice cakes

– Anjappar, Bangsar
A must have is the rice-with-sauces set, forgot what it’s called. Most of their meats are spicy, but delicious.

Briyani isn’t the best out there. Definitely decent enough though. RM15 for quail and a lot of rice, plus the ambience is a touch classier (oh god am i really using that word) than Nirwana et al

– Antipodean, Telawi
Overhyped but some really nice dishes on the menu regardless. Mushrooms w. toast, kebab with couscous etc. are all worth eating.

Their big breakfast is pretty decent, especially for the price relative to other Bangsar outlets. Latte’s pretty good-decent too. Same price as nowhereman though, might as well go get the better one

Stay away from the lamb burger. True to MyBabyLab form, this burger confused patty with pate, hiding its mush inside a deceptively crispy exterior. Also went overboard with the (dried?) herbs.

– Ben’s General Food Store, BV
The Eggs Royale and the Eggs Benedict Pizzas (on the breakfast menu) are both rather nice. A step above the average pizza in Malaysia – and a huge leap above Pizza Hut etc – but they’re not THAT good / great. As a consolation, the portion size is fairly generous.

– Bumbu Desa, KLCC
Okay, I really like this place.

– Coffea Coffee, Telawi
Peanut butter latte is nice, but used to be a lot more peanut butter-y. Now it’s more like a normal hot choc. Mocha is quite good as well, as is the green tea latte. Main gripe is their drinks are too sweet though.

Far from the best coffee place in the city. Mediocre to decent drinks at slightly higher prices than most other establishments.

Coffee Societe, Publika
They serve a mean cappuccino. Wish it was located somewhere more convenient for me to travel to though. Also, I really dislike the interior. The drinks alone make it a must try though (I also sampled a great affogato).

– Daily Grind, BV

– Daorae
For some reason, this has become the go-to restaurant when my mum wants to celebrate like…anything. Mostly mediocre fare nowadays

– Fahrenheit 600, Publika
As you can probably guess from the name, it’s a pizza place with a legit brick oven. Is it as good as Da Capo? Nah, not really. But definitely one of the better pizzas I’ve tried in KL. Give it a shot. Oh, the calzones aren’t bad either.

Had some shocking service the one time I went, wrote about it on insta and they promptly responded, so there’s that at least.

– Fierce Curry House, Bangsar
Instant carb coma. Worth it. Not the BEST briyani ever, but it’s…dependable. Subtle flavours and spices.

The banana leaf isn’t that great, though. Wouldn’t recommend getting that one.

– Garage 51 by Coffee Societe

Not a bad latte. Not great. Wouldn’t bother visiting again, if only because it’s pretty far away for me

– Garuda Emas, Kg. Baru
Nasi padang! Ayam pop etc. are all really great.

– Inside Scoop, Telawi
Pretty new place that took over Little Wonton’s spot. This shit is dopeeee. Lots of interesting flavours – everything from teh tarik to cookies and cream. Personal favourites are pistachio, vanilla bean and blueberry cheesecake. HOWEVER they don’t seem to have quite got the consistency down yet – at least from personal experience. The pistachio was pretty meh the second time I visited.

Blueberry cheesecake from the first visit. So good.

– Ippudo Ramen, Gardens
The original is the best. Nice nuanced flavor profile, plenty of depth to the broth. and this is basically the original + chili oil. Not bad, just different.

– Jalan Batai hawker stores
So the side shop got closed down and apparently most of the hawkers moved over to the corner one. The CKT is quite nice for KL standards.

– Kader, near Jamek
Chicken varuval is fantastic, and so are the ‘chips’. Banana leaf rice is so-so. The lassi is mediocre too (doesn’t matter, there’s a store nearby with a good lassi). The chicken 65 is pretty good most of the time though. Staple #2 at HSBC

– KGB, Telawi
Eatdrinkkl calls the Bobcat ‘possibly one of our favorite spicy burgers’ and I’m inclined to agree. Beautifully melted provolone cheese over green jalapenos and a perfect patty – nice crust outside with a juicy interior. The Bash is pretty decent too, but not as good as the Bobcat. Could do with more cornflakes and some acidity/spice to cut through the umami (caramelised onions + juices from the beef got a bit overpowering towards the end). The fries are okay but the seasonings are quite poor (salt+pepper, herbs, cajun etc) and the sauce it comes with further lets it down.
– La Creperie, Telawi

Good crepes, very cozy decor

– Lids & Finch, Wisma MBSB (opposite Wisma HELP)
Very pretty place, love the decor and layout.

Club sandwich is fantastic here. Perfect fried egg with cheese for that asian-rustic ramlee taste, layers and layers of delicious meat. The smoked salmon sammich is decent, but nowhere near as good (go to Nutmeg for the best salmon imo)

Orange cake was decent. Need to try a few more cakes to form a proper opinion, but I didn’t find it particularly special

– Mahbub, Bangsar
Love this place. Slightly overpriced but relatively consistent quality.

– Marutama Ramen, Fahrenheit
The chicken-based broth is deep and satisfying, but it’s not quite as layered as the broths at other places. More one-note than complex, with a rich initial burst that quickly fades rather than develop into other notes.

The noodles are perfectly springy, and I added on a seasoned egg thingy – reasonably tasty but probably not worth the extra rm2.

Definitely worth a visit though.

– Mi Na Rae Korean BBQ, Sri Petaling
Tried their set lunch, which was relatively value-for-money (generous portions for the price, at least).

The food itself wasn’t fantastic, but it’s on that fine line between good and average.

– Milk + Butter, Telawi
Mediocre but cheap

– Mulberry, Jamek
Pleasantly surprised by this place.

– My Coffee Cafe, Sri Petaling
Serves tasty grub and coffee at relatively discount rates. Not everything on the menu is good though – stay away from the pizzas.

RM3.90 for a large mug of masala coffee with lots of ginger

RM12.90 for 3 sliders of lamb, beef and chicken – surprisingly well prepared despite the abject, archaic plating (see: herb dust circle). Only downside is the vegetables and the salad are quite lacking in taste

– Nihon Kai, Old Klang Road

– Nirwana, Telawi
Inconsistent. Sometimes it’s good though, and I’m including this because I kind of have to. It’s Nirwana.

– Nowhereman Coffee
I love this place. Apparently it’ll only be around for 6 months or something though (think they’ll be moving to a diff location after). Latte and the white choc were great (though the chocolate was slightly too sweet).

The dark chocolate is really good too.

– Nosh, Telawi
Slightly more upscale in decor and prices than a lot of the other Telawi eateries. Worth it if you have the cash. The tagliatelle was good. The other dishes were even better. And apparently the dessert is great, but I haven’t had the chance to sample any

– Nutmeg, BV
Good, very good. But pricey. The salmon and beef are both fantastic, though the rest of the big breakfast don’t quite match the centerpieces. Haven’t got around to trying the other menu options yet.

salt beef for days

house cured salmon

– Ori Udon, Gardens
It’s one of those small stores along the Gardens-MV walkway, situated below the escalators on the Gardens side. Cheap udon and it tastes pretty decent to me. Basically the sort of place I go to a lot when I’m stuck at a mall shopping or some shit.

– Pulp

The “hidden cafe” that everyone and their mum has been to is also, incidentally, one of my favourite cafes in KL.
First off, the inside decor is pretty great – has the whole reclaimed industrial chic vibe that’s pretty popular nowadays (garage 51 etc). They’ve the usual espresso-based drinks on one side and a counter on the other for hand brewed shiznits (and cold brews!).

The barista is super super friendly and informative, gave us a run through of everything they had. Early-nowhereman-tier barista, which is a huge plus point for coffee noobs like me.

I took the ‘Bright’ hand brewed coffee, which is basically (very!) citrusy and light Ethiopian. Planning to try the ‘Bold’ the next time round, or perhaps the Cappucino to make a proper comparison to other cafés.

The coffee was addictively great and the mushroom quiche was pretty good too (would probably think higher of it without the steep price point).

– Royal Post
A food van, guys. We have food vans now #finally #sohotthough
Tried the one outside Wisma HELP, picked up a Philly sammich (think they only have 3 types). NZ beef strips (not a prime cut), properly caramelised onions, cheese, no vegetables. In a 9-grain bun. RM8.90, which makes it too pricey for regular consumption (especially since it’s too small to be properly filling), but it’s certainly a step above Subway etc in terms of taste.

– Senjyu
Had the octopus appetizer thingy and soba. Both pretty good, one of the better sobas I’ve had in Mland.

– Shin Kee Beef Ball Noodles
Shin/Soong/Ngau Kee? The eternal question. Personally don’t give a shit they’re all good in diff. ways

Sitka, Batai

Went to Sitka twice – the first round was incredible disappointing. Mediocre salmon quiche, cloying blueberry cake, and the long black was bereft of flavour.

Gave it a second chance after reading about Eat Drink KL’s lunchtime visit and I was pleasantly surprised.

The chicken liver sandwich, for one, is fantastic. EDKL called it one of the best of 2014, and I’ll be fucked if he isn’t right. The smooth warm pate is cocooned in a crispy coating, bringing to mind an airier, less oily, more livery, zinger burger. Paired with orange marmalade made-in-store and a soft bun that doesn’t go soggy, the interchange of flavours isn’t exactly subtle but it’s still fantastic. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the accompanying salad.

I did, however, like the aubergine miso salad (though I only tried a spoonful).

Also, the strawberry rhubarb is absolutely stellar and a must have, even with a full stomach. Will be heading back soon to sample further delights (buttermilk chicken!).

– Some fucking van near Wisma – Ayam Goreng Kunyit
Perfectly fried, really cheap for the portion – especially if you ask for extra rice extra chicken (only an additional RM1 wtf). The sambal packs a punch to the gonads too. But hey, vegetables!

balanced diet for days son

– Some fucking lorong in Jamek, brought by tw and yk, who learned about the place from the master of emoticons

– Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles
Cheap, hearty, and good

– Swich Cafe, HP
Beef and the barbie sandwich. Love this one

It’s recently been rebranded to Zeelicious cafe, presumably with a new kitchen staff – aint so good now.

French toast, painfully mediocre.

–, Publika
Sides are good here, mains aren’t

– Tajuddin Briyani, near Jamek
Can’t help but feel the original lorong joint serves tastier chicken but the air conditioned stall dishes out some pretty great stuff anyway. Staple store while at HSBC.

– Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf, BV

– Tou Tou Little Kitchen, Sri Petaling
This is my shiz right here. They make ‘homemade’ Hakka mee and meatballs – both of which are pretty good, by the way – and they happen to have a student discount for some reason

Hakka noodles with babi and black fungus, plus some red bean dessert goes for about rm11 – not the cheapest in the world but it’s pretty average for Sri petaling’s food+whores row. Taste-wise: springy noodles and tender pork, no complaints. Could definitely be better, but I’d likely return to eat it again (okay, I’d try other dishes).

The fried tofu was fantastic though. Perfectly crisp on the outside, but inside it’s warm and silky, almost like tau foo fah.

– VCR, Pudu

Coffee heaven. Looks pretty dodge from outside, but step in and it’s easily the best-looking cafe in KL at the moment. The coffee is fantastic too, and the cakes are alright

– Village Park

It’s good but doesn’t live up to the hype. Mediocre sambal. Chicken is nice at first but a bit over-crisp for me.

Love the dishes here, though they’re on the pricey side. Comes with the territory, I suppose.

Yeast, Telawi
Great place for breakfast. They’ve a dinner menu too, but I haven’t tried it yet. The weakest dish I’ve tried – ham and cheese in baguette. The bread’s great but everything else is pretty mediocre. Not bad by any means, but not worth the price imo This is better: smokedu ducku quiche

– Yut Kee
You like pork, neff? Pig out here. The food isn’t GREAT, save for a few dishes, but the entire experience of eating at this homely Hainanese coffee shop is unlike any other. Also, the roti babi, the roast pork and the belacan fried rice are all stellar.
I love this place but I hate the queues


– Baba Low’s, Lorong Kurau
Highly overrated nyonya food – perhaps it used to be good? The laksa and cendol arrived very quickly. I ordered a set of rice + lady finger (a lone okra sliced into sad pieces) + some chicken curry thing, which arrived after everyone at my table had finished their laksa and was getting started on the cendol.

The chicken wasn’t bad. Not the greatest thing in the world, of course, but I wouldn’t mind having it again. The laksa and cendol, on the other hand, were both very sweet. The cendol, in particular, tasted like frozen gula melaka.

– My Burger Lab, seapark
Overhyped. Keep your mush patties, thanks!

– Plan B, BV
I used to like you, Plan B. You had some great dishes at great price points (meatball carbonara, ox tongue sandwich etc) but now your shit just ranges from poor to mediocre. Except for the MV branch, where everything is terrible for some reason.

– Super Kitchen
Overhyped one-note pan mee. Plenty of better ones out there, don’t bother trying.

– Sushi Zanmai
It’s better than Pasta Zanmai, but that really isn’t saying much. Mediocre, overpriced <

– Syed, Bangsar

Limp naan, mediocre tandoori. Stay away.

Village Park

More overrated than MyBurgerLab (if that’s possible). Very mediocre sambal and rice, the fried chicken is decent though

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