Life Lessons from Doto

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January 3, 2014 by Wayne.

All from this reddit thread

  • Spend money as soon as you have it, because you’ll lose it when you die.
  • Don’t cross the river fag
  • If you see someone’s missing in the news, better find a tree to hide behind. They’re out to murder you.
  • Pick earth spirit before someone else picks earth spirit.
  • When no one is doing anything, call them pussies for them to jump in
  • The one who wins every single game is the weapons merchant.
  • The only true change I can make is in myself.
  • If someone ask you for 1 gank, give him 2 ganks and a push.
  • Committing suicide is better than letting someone else kill you.
  • When someone yells at you, report them to the police. Don’t forget to have all your neighbors file reports too.
  • People are cunts.
  • It’s always someone else’s fault. I am perfect and everyone else is flawed.

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