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November 18, 2013 by Wayne.

Camera Obscura – I Missed Your Party

dreampop. okay, more indie pop than dreampop

Moby – Love Should

Hotel is a good album, I’m told. Haven’t got around to downloading it yet. I like this song though. It’s been in my library for pretty long too.

Russian Red – Gone, Play On

Gonna admit it, Russian Red doesn’t get enough plays from me. Can’t really be helped with the massive, MASSIVE backlog of music I have to go through everyday, but I do hope I get around to more Russian Red eventually. First song I heard was Thick Feathers or something and I was hooked.

Eric Olsen – Annie’s Song

From the fantastic glory days of Community

Handlingnoise – Hannibal

Was recommended their bandcamp album on /mu/, pretty solid find. Not sure how to classify this song – atmospheric metal? On a slightly related note, I like Deafheaven a lot. Shoegaze metal is the shit.

Swans – Mother/Father

First got into them because of The Seer, one of the best albums of last year. Started exploring more and more of their discography, which took ages because of how bloody prolific they are. This track is from The Great Annihilator, an album that came out in the early 1990s if I’m not mistaken. It’s a tight mix of their iconic drone sound, industrial elements and post-punk.

Elizabeth Anka Vajagic – Sleep With Dried Up Tears

Dark folk. Great song, great artiste.

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