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June 16, 2013 by Wayne.

photographs of people walking into restaurants while it rains outside

photographs of newspapers stretched out on floors beside gutters and coins in plastic cups and a grey haired pot bellied man with dirt smeared on as a second skin, smoking

poem about disenfranchisement

obligatory Head Editor’s snarky comments

article on the liberty-equality tradeoff

interview with various reps from NGOs about their views on culture, equality and charity

spread on #menswear

top 6 places to eat this week (month)

spread on library interiors

photographs of street intersections at 2am

recipes: quail in pilaf turque, snow eggs with berries, artichoke bottoms with creamed asparagus argenteuil

photographs of people taking photographs

ruminations on food and culture

city focus: vladivostok/funen/bodrum/similarly lesser-known city -> people, culture, food, architecture

resident traveler reports back with the city of the month

movies of the month, regardless of release date

soundtrack: suggested albums to listen to

showcase: 3 interesting small businesses/shops around the world

transcript: (magazine)’s philosophy team discusses justice and (topic of the month), (click for podcast!)

ye olde financial prudence: finding financial footing as a fresh grad; how to retire early and comfortably

monthly review of shit going down in the world – glaze over the major events covered by every news outlet (leave those for opinion eds delving into the overlooked aspects/nuances of the big events), emphasis on lesser noticed conflicts and intrigue

a team of economists disagree

know your mythology: feature on some of the lesser known stories

short story

best new fragrances


book reviews

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